Could Amplitude’s Next Big Game Be a ‘Colonization Like’ Game?

Very excited to hear the recent news! Amplitude have reimagined Master of Orion to Endless Space, Master of Magic to Endless Legend and now they’re taking on the big one that started them all, Civilization to a game called Humankind.

I for one welcome our new TBS overlords, and I would like to remind Amplitude that as a retro gaming youtuber and promoter I can be helpful in rounding up others to toil in their forums and store pages.

(Simpsons joke 😉 )

So this of course makes me think that there’s only one Micropose 90s 4x TBS great left unconquered, Sid Meier’s Colonization!

I would love to see what those guys could do with that formula. The original of course is a great game and many times I found it even more addictive than some of the other greats. I recently replayed the original in HD thanks to the old Windows 3.1 version being resizable, and even to this day it is ridiculously addictive.

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Amplitude Announce Civilization Game Called Humankind

Wow!! Amplitude (creators of the brilliant Master of Orion style game Endless Space and Master of Magic style game Endless Legend) have decided to take on the big one that started them all.. Civilization!.. and they are calling it Humankind. Very excited to see how this one turns out! This is the first real competition since the good old Call to Power days.




Civilization 1 for SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive!

OMG! Was not expecting to see this in my news! A Civilization game for the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive! This fan project looks to be heavily influenced by the old Super Nintendo Civilization game and has already released a public beta!

I still have my SEGA Mega drive and still collect games for it (including homebrew) so I hope this awesome project gets finished!

New King’s Bounty 2 Sequel

OMG this is such cool news. My beloved Heroes of Might & Magic franchise may be dead and ruined thanks to Ubisoft but thankfully 1C’s King’s Bounty series is alive and well!

After all the spin off games to King’s Bounty the Legend remake they are finally doing an proper sequel. What’s even more interesting is that they’ve gone in a very serious and high quality graphic direction too. I can see multiple gameplay and graphical influences from Mount & Blade and The Witcher 3. Very excited about this one!

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History of Command and Conquer/Red Alert Documentary

This is a really well made and put together documentary of the history of the Command & Conquer and Red Alert Series. I learned a lot as there were a number of failed projects I didn’t know about. This doco covers the highs and the lows, the successes and failures while showing lots of a great footage. If you’re a C&C fan I highly recommend you check it out!

(Note: it was made in 2017 so they didn’t know about the current remasters being made)

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw (Freelancer Like Game)

Wow! Rebel Galaxy Outlaw looks like one of the closest Freelancer spiritual sequel games I’ve EVER seen!

I’d already covered the excellent previous Rebel Galaxy game on my Freelancer Legacy Games Website but they have taken things to a whole new level with their new game. You can tell the devs are Freelancer fans as the main character is called Juno and it’s got beautiful planetary landings! The graphics in space are stunning and the cockpits look pretty cool too. Looks like you can land at bases and worlds and visit dealers and bars (even play pool lol). Sadly it’s an Epic store exclusive but that’s okay, I’m in no hurry as my gaming to do list is endless lol.

(you can briefly see a planet landing in this video review at the 1:30 mark)

Here’s some screenshots:

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Star Trek Picard Series

Any one else pumped for this?? A brand new Star Trek show that is actually a sequel with original actors instead of a prequel with new actors. As the creator of Star Trek TNG vs the Borg ZDoom clearly it should be no surprise that I am haha! 😛

Data, 7 of 9, the Borg, Hugh (borg guy from TNG), and apparently Riker & Troi too.. all back!!

CBS region locked the trailer surprise surprise but I found a amazon international one:

Also found this trailer analysis by Trek Central. Looks like they going with post apocalypse (the controversial supernova event) Romulan’s experimenting with Borg technology presumably to try and regain some lost power. Gotta love the lab sign saying 5,843 days without assimilation lol! Looks like they have control of a cube too. Considering Romulan’s and Borg were my favourite villains from TNG this pleases me greatly.

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Slitherine acquire Master of Magic license to make a new MoM game!!!!

OH MY GOD!!! A couple of months ago I posted about Atari reacquiring the Master of Magic IP trademarks (lost in the 2013 bankruptcy) and wondered what they were up to. Now we know! They were selling it to game studio Slitherine! I don’t know much about this studio but their history shoves a love of classic strategy games so hopefully this remake is in good hands! You can see the annoucments here:

– PC Gamer Article
– Official Slitherine Annoucment

I can’t believe that after 20 years of sitting in the Atari IP dungeon we’re finally getting a new Master of Magic game! So happy about this!! I’ll have to let all the fans know in the Master of Magic facebook group!!!

EDIT: In 2021 we finally got confirmation! Slitherine & MuHa are working on a BRAND NEW MASTER OF MAGIC REMAKE!!!!

All us MoM fans have had until now was a few mods, some spiritual sequels and the unfinished fan remake in this video below.