Video Log 1 – Testing My SEGA Mega Drive After 20yrs

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of activity lately. Massively failed my ‘1 video every week’ promise a few months back as real life got very busy and I had to step away from ‘nerd life’ for a couple of months haha. As a result the video uploading stopped (those promised videos ARE filmed, they just need cuts & edits lol) and I missed some great milestones! Blake’s Sanctum passed 31,000 visitors (that’s 11,000 since this time last year!!!) and this blog passed the 5,000 visitor mark which is just incredible. When I think back to the early days in the 2000s when the site was lucky to get 1000 people a year it just shows how much the site has grown, the love people have for retro gaming and how my hard work has paid off. πŸ™‚

So.. I’ve decided to take my youtube channel to the next level and start doing occasional Video Logs (in between all my regular videos) talking about retro gaming and other fun stuff relating to Blake’s Sanctum. Putting myself in front of a camera is slightly nerve racking as the internet can be mean haha but hopefully some people will enjoy the more ‘personalised’ content as apposed to the usual gameplay with my droning voice in the background vids haha.

To kick this new video series off I thought it would be fun to get out my old SEGA Mega Drive (Genesis for US viewers) that I hadn’t touched in 20yrs due to a broken cable and test it along with all my old games. I also talk about my love for retro gaming and recommend some great twitter retro gaming personalities & news channels to follow if you want to get more into the current scene.

Introduction, Getting out the SEGA Mega Drive & Games, Setting up & talking about retro gaming scene. Testing Sonic the Hedgehog 1,2,3 and Sonic & Knuckles.

In the end I waffled on so much and was having so much fun the video got waaaay longer than planned lol so here’s part 2.

Testing Super Monaco GP, Bubsy, Menacer 6 Shooting Games, Lemmings 2 Tribes and Starflight.


Massive Free Book About History Of PC RPGs Is Out!

This is so cool guys. If you grew up playing RPGs on pc and even on consoles then you’ll love this book!

I love how they even have breakdowns of the graphical differences between different computer/console releases of some of the classic (eg Defender of the Crown and Might & Magic 2) as I’ve done that research myself plenty of times trying to find the best version made of a favourite classic.

Nearly all the favourites I grew up playing like Quest For Glory, Might & Magic, and Starflight are here. Also some great modern tributes to the indie scene as they even included the QFG fan game Heroine’s Quest!

You can download the book pdf for free from Kotaku here:

MASSIVE Site Update

Wow.. over 18,000 visitors to Blake’s Sanctum now! And quite a bit of increased traffic to this blog as well! πŸ™‚

I looked at a screenshot of the website that I took at the end of 2014 and saw that there had been around 14,000 visitors over the history of the site at the meaning 4,000 people had visited this site over the last 2 years which was an amazing increase, but then I found another screenshot I took towards the end of 2015 showing the counter at around 15,000 which means that 2015 was just another year for the site and it was in fact this year that things exploded with 3,000 visitors. I have no idea why considering I hadn’t worked on the site since 2014! It hasn’t been a great 2 years in real life, health troubles, a long term relationship breakdown and a few other dramas certainly slowed me down a lot. But I’m back now and have been very busy over the last 3 months working on the site again.

As posted previously I’ve recently released a brand new Star Trek Gaming page which is probably now the largest section on my site with a huge tribute list of fan projects. I then went and updated every other gaming section on the site with new game tributes, better existing game tributes, more screens, more videos, more long lost demos, and navigation upgrades. If you visit your favourite section of the site, odds are you’ll find some new stuff there! πŸ™‚

Thank you everyone for your support, I’m now going to upgrade my youtube channel and then finally release my 2 big mod projects to the world!

Here’s my complete list of changes:

Games Section
Changes made to existing content:
General – Contents menu added.
General – All back buttons changed to utilise HTML bookmarks. Now users don’t have to re-scroll down the entire page constantly! πŸ™‚
General – Fixed some missing slashes in code.

Age of Wonders Series
New AoW related projects found:
Last Days of Old Earth – New game similar to AoW & MoM
Thea: The Awakening – New game similar to AoW & MoM without tactical combat
Dominions Series – Great retro looking series similar to AoW & MoM
Conquest of Elysium Series – Retro looking series (created by Dominions team) similar to AoW & MoM
Armello – New game similar to AoW & MoM without tactical combat
Chaos Reborn – Game similar to AoW, HoMM & King’s Bounty

Changes made to existing AoW content:
General – Contents menu added.
General – All back buttons changed to utilise HTML bookmarks. Now users don’t have to re-scroll down the entire page constantly! πŸ™‚
General – Fixed some missing slashes in code.
General – Added Good Old Games buy links to all games.
AoW1 – Added download link to Community Content pack (heaps of maps & campaigns).

Babylon 5 Games
New B5 related projects added:
Babylon 5 Into The Fire – Someone leaked to the public the original unfinished Sierra game!
Babylon 5 Stardrive – Total Conversion mod for Stardrive. Thankyou to Anibal for the tip!
Babylon 5 Civilization 4 Final Frontier mod – TC mod for Civilization IV Beyond The Sword Final Frontier. THIS is the Babylon 5 galaxy conquering strategy game fans have always wanted!

Changes made to existing B5 content:
General – Contents menu added.
General – All back buttons changed to utilise HTML bookmarks. Now users don’t have to re-scroll down the entire page constantly! πŸ™‚
General – Fixed some missing slashes in code.
General – Added Good Old Games & Steam buy links to mods requiring a base game.

Command & Conquer Series
New C&C related projects added:
C&C All Stars – Cool Tiberium & Red Alert Crossover Total Conversion Mod for C&C Generals.

Changes made to existing C&C content:
General – Contents menu added.
General – All back buttons changed to utilise HTML bookmarks. Now users don’t have to re-scroll down the entire page constantly! πŸ™‚
General – Fixed some missing slashes in code.
RA2 – Added Good Old Games vote links.
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New Star Wars Rogue One, No Man’s Sky, & Skyrim Special Edition Trailers

The new Star Wars Rogue One Trailer is here and boy does it look good! Vader baby!!

The time has finally come! No Man’s Sky is out this week and they’ve release another lovely trailer for it. Looks like one hell of a game, especially for old Starflight fans like me!

Wow! Bethesda have decided to release a Remastered Special Edition of Elder Scrolls Skyrim that looks brilliant (although admittedly this look was already being achived by the modding community). Apparently owners of the Legendary copy of the game will get this upgrade for free too! πŸ™‚

More No Man’s Sky Videos

IGN have been posting more amazing No Man’s Sky videos this month to the build up to its release. As an old Starflight fan I’m very excited about this game. Although with my gaming to do list who knows when I’ll get to it lol!

I love the part when he blasts a hole in the ground and finds a whole secret cave system to live in. Slightly concerned about his comment about everything you’ve done to that world (other than naming things & talking to aliens) being deleted after you’ve left as I like games where you can change things in the world and make a home for yourself etc. The story, RPG & ship upgrading elements will need to be good otherwise after visiting 10 or 20 planets you’ll be sick of the same regenerated stuff shown in a slightly different way (eg oh look its another space kangaroo with a slightly different tail lol) and the fact that almost everything cool you do on those worlds will be lost the moment you leave.

Check out the videos below:

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Join The Starflight 3 Facebook Community!

Hey guys, with all the great Starflight forums out there disappearing or slowing down I’ve recently created a Starflight facebook group for fans to come and discuss all things Starflight related and support Starflight related fan projects like Starflight 3 and Starflight TLC (eg posting important news and demo announcements etc).

It’s very sad visiting the Starflight forums and seeing so much activity in the past yet so little now. It sucks that social media has crushed all the good old forums out there but it is what it is and a social media page could bring in fans of all the long lost communities back together again. Plus if more forums go down again at least the facebook page would live on keeping the Starflight community alive and attracting new members and new support for the fan projects.

I’m a member of some great retro gaming and tv show discussion groups where topics are posted almost daily leading to massive conversations about things that are 20+years old now lol! It’s about time Starflight had a place in social media for fans to discuss all things Starflight related too!

Hope to see you all there! πŸ™‚

Starflight 3 Facebook Community Page

Starflight 3 Facebook Community Page

Starflight 3, almost back from the dead in 2015

Woohoo! 14,000 views at Blake’s Sanctum! Thanks guys. πŸ™‚

The world of Starflight has been pretty quiet these last few years so sadly I haven’t made many updates to my big Starflight Gaming Section that tributes all known Starflight related games & mod projects. Starflight Lost Colony has been pretty quiet and the best project of them all, the Starflight 3 project ground to a halt again and it seemed all was lost once more. However in recent times I’ve exchanged emails with someone very keen to get the project going again embracing the projects original 2D roots (instead of the 3D direction it started going in durin the late 2000s). He and the currently SF3 project leader have brought the Starflight 3 forums back online so if you wanna show your support or offer help get over there and post! πŸ™‚

Starflight 3 Facebook Group

Starflight 3 Forum

My Starflight 3 Tribute Page



No Man’s Sky

Ooooh I hadn’t heard about No Man’s Sky until today but its looking like the closest thing I’ve seen to Starflight in years. You can land on and explore entire planets filled with exotic locations and creatures to hunt and trade, all part of a massive and I mean massive galaxy to explore, trade and fight in. It looks incredible! Will be on PC as well as PS4

Starflight 3 Section Update

Updated my Starflight Series Section! The download links keep going up and down so I thought I’d provide some alternative archived mirrors which still have the games for download.

A helpful fan told me on youtube about how the new team had a released a pile of test videos a few years ago on youtube for their new 3D version of Starflight 3. There are many of them covering launching, spaceflight, and landing on planets! The author hasn’t exactly put a lot of effort to names & categories so I’ve hunted them all down and created a playlist on my Starflight 3 page for fans to enjoy them all!

Here’s the playlist (PLEASE NOTE: WordPress isn’t letting me share the playlist by the 2nd video so since I put my SF3 video as the 1st video in the playlist you’ll need to skip it to see the new stuff)