Open Source Master of Magic HD Multiplayer Remake Update

Hey guys. A couple of years back I excitedly posted here about the brilliant Open Source Java Master of Magic engine remake called Master of Magic – Implode’s Multiplayer Edition.


Well I’m sorry to say that sadly not long after I posted that in 2016 Implode/Nigel went AWOL and stopped working on the project or posting in his forums (which have sadly stopped working too). Such a shame as after 12 years of work his project was looking far closer to completion then any other Master of Magic fan remake. He had the 2 worlds, the battle AI, the races, the wizards, the buildings, the skills, the spells, the artifacts pretty much all working with only a few bugs and gaps here and there. Really the only big hurdle left before final bug testing and polishing was creating the global AI. A huge challenge yes but the last big challenge as all the other main aspects of this huge game were made. However I’m guessing due to the lack of help and support combined with all the usual real life stuff he finally had enough and walked away from it. Such a friggin shame.. 😦

There is still hope though as Implode has appeared in the activity log of the MoM-IME sourceforge page a couple of times in the 2.5 years since he vanished so he has obviously never truly forgotten or left it, however I’ve been unable to reach him over email or DMs. On the bright side his project is opensource and publicly available meaning anyone with a love for MoM and some Java skills could grab a copy and have a play with it. But of course that requires people to actually know about the project which sadly it appears most MoM fans still don’t. So I’ve decided to make one more video touring his game as part of a Civilization & spinoffs (Col, MoM, CtP, AlphaC etc) how to play in HD video series I’m making at the moment. People can check out my new video talking about Implodes MoM project one last time here: