Master of Magic HD Remake Sequel (Implode’s Multiplayer Edition)

Hi guys, I really want to spread the word on an awesome fan project that’s still going and has utterly blown me away.

Master of Magic – Implode’s Multiplayer Edition is a brilliant opensource Java MoM engine rebuild that is far more closer to completion then any other MoM fan remake I’ve seen! It supports larger maps, up to 14 players (either Human or AI), and any modern windows resolution like HD 4K etc. The author Implode intends to expand on the original MoM experience but with minimal changes to the core gameplay and graphics that we all love.
Implode the creator of MoM-IME has been working on this project for over 12yrs now and isn’t getting much support these days so if you’re a huge Master of Magic fan and you’ve dreamed of playing against 13 other wizards in massive slaughterfest over 2 giant worlds in high resolution then get yours butts over to the sourceforge page and try out the latest demo and offer your support! 🙂

I love the improved battle graphics eg how he’s done a LOTR-Weta workshop trick of grabbing a few guys and replicating them into larger groups. Makes you feel like your commanding large armies instead of little squads and big monsters who are upscaled and not replicated look much scarier now as they tower over the little armies! Also like the Civ style territory borders and how the game supports simultaneous turns like AoW which would be great for multiplayer games.

For anyone interested here’s a video I recorded of his game in 1080P (FYI it doesn’t go full screen until the map loads)…

Part 1 covers me exploring the starting an empire (fast forwarding through slow bits):

Part 2 covers me attacking some neighbours and starting a new game in the Myrran dark world:

NOTE: This video was made with the 2015 WIP release. There have been multiple releases since adding things such as treasure rewards and hero items. In late 2016 Implode started work on the much anticipated enemy wizard global AI (AI build cities & armies, casts spells etc) so I can’t wait for that! Battle AI is functional however so you can still have a fun monster/treasure hunting RPG style game in the current build.

Download latest demo build from:

Old MoM-IME forum:

If anyone’s interested I also run a Master of Magic facebook group here:

For more information on this and many other MoM related games & mods check out my MoM Legacy Games page here:

Star Trek Doom Project (GZDoom Doom 2 mod) Announcement

Wow guys, things have really taken off in the week since my Quest for Glory IV 3D (GZDoom Hexen Mod) announcement. The site has reached over 19,000hits, this blog has also had hundreds of hits and same with my QFG4-3D videos! Thanks to everyone for your support and kind comments on the forums, facebook & videos.

So now the time has finally come to announce the second of my 2 big projects that I’ve been secretly working on over the last 2 years, the resurrection of my old Star Trek Doom project!

I originally worked on and off the Star Trek Doom Project from 1997 to 2012. I had almost all but given up on ever working on it properly again but people just kept contacting me about it over the years and I finally decided to really go for it again! So I resumed the project in 2016 and have totally redesigned & remastered EVERYTHING for GZDoom.

The year is 2371 and the Enterprise-D is in its seventh year of service (Between Season 7 & Generations Film), you play a young junior Lieutenant sent out to test upgrades on a shuttlecraft when a futuristic Borg cube emerges from a temporal portal launching a devastating attack on the Enterprise. After seeing the Borg Cube destroyed by Species 8472 emerging from the same time portal you decide to return to the Enterprise to try and help take back the ship. The game will take you to all your favourite places around the Enterprise and even on to a Borg cube! Obviously since such events are not possible in the canon/prime timeline I had to do some ‘creative thinking’ story wise to make it happen (basically I had to do a JJ Abrams lol) which hopefully diehards will be okay with since after all this is just a bit of fun! 🙂

My goal has always been to create a wild adventure on the Enterprise D that has you believing you’re there (well at least in the boundaries of the ancient Doom engine lol), and I’m happy to say the project reboot has been a success! All old areas, monsters and weapons have been rebuilt 10x better, many new areas have been added, and I’ve completely finished everything I wanted to do for my first public demo. Hope you all enjoy this first public demo below. Be warned that it will likely be a long time before there’s another demo, I’ve spent nearly 2 years on these 2 projects and have sacrificed a lot. I’m burnt out & want to do other things, including getting back to PLAYING games instead of making them lol!

For more information, more screenshots, animations+descriptions of all weapons & monsters you’ll face, and of course the download links for the demo and required files check out my STDoom websites here:

Star Trek Doom Project Homepage
NEW Star Trek Doom Project ModDB Page

If you just want to see the game without all the hassle then here’s a playthrough/walkthrough video series I made..

Part 1 – Type 7 Shuttle, Transporter Room, Turbolift, Corridors, Holodeck, Jefferies Tubes, Shuttle Bay, Type 6 Shuttle & Borg Cube Arrvial.

Part 2 – Borg Cube, Borg Queen boss fight, Enterprise D Bridge & EARLY DRAFT Engineering Species 8472 boss fight.