More 80s Retro Future Synth Music Greatness

A few months back I posted about how I’ve really become addicted to retro 1980s Futuristic Synth style music over the last year in all its many formats such as SynthWave, FutureSynth, Retro Electro, DarkSynth, ViolentSynth, HardcoreSynth, RetroWave, Outrun, and ChillWave. I posted a few playlists. As a with all playlists and albums there’s usuaually a few great songs and a few meh songs haha so I thought I’d do a new posts with some of my favourite single tracks. When I’m playing an old game with no music or I’m at work trying to meet a deadline these tracks really get me going! Like with the playlists these songs are often accompanied by cool images and animations of eerie blue and purple landscapes containing retro futuristic cars and cities. Lot it!

Here’s some of my favourite tracks… (which I’ve also put into a Youtube playlist HERE )

Carpenter Brut – TURBO KILLER

Wice – Star Fighter (Official Video)

S U N G – Way Fahrer [2017 Version]

DataDrive – Hellrider

LazerHawk – King of The Streets

DONBOR – Against The Law

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Bitmap Books To Print C-RPG Book

This is great news! Bitmap Books those awesome guys behind the amazing video game art books for Nintendo, SEGA, C64 & Amiga etc have teamed up with the guys behind the excellent CRPG Book – A Guide to Computer Role Playing Games that I posted about earlier this year.

I’ve actually already printed out my own copy and have been slowly reading it over the last month (it’s huge!) and it has introduced me to so many great classic RPGs I didn’t know about. You’ll find all the favourites in there such as Elder Scrolls, Might & Magic, Final Fantasy, Quest for Glory and Starflight just to name a mere few. I absolutely love how it covers what the best version is to get (eg between PC, C64, Amiga, Sega & Nintendo etc) and what the best fan mods are for many of the games.

I also recently ordered Bitmap’s other products such as the NES, SNES, Master System and Art of Point & Click Adventure books. What’s arrived so far has blown me away. I love the 3D lenticular slipcase covers! (eg turn the book and Mario will jump & coins will spin). So I think I’m going to have to get this new book too haha. Fingers crossed they do a Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) book soon too as thats my real retro console love!