New Star Trek Film & TV Trailers!!

Trailer 2 has finally been released for the new Star Trek film. I’ve gotta say it’s WAY better then trailer 1 last year!

And so it begins.. the first teaser trailer for the new Star Trek series has also arrived. Trekgasm!

It’s rumoured to be set after the events of Star Trek 6 and Generations (the 23rd century part) hence why they’ve got Nicholas Myer involved. I loved the style and stories of 1980s Star Trek so I’m excited about what they do do with this. Assuming these rumours are true haha.

Space Rangers Tv Show

After finishing off all 7 seasons of the remastered Star Trek the Next Generation blu-rays I had a craving to continue reliving my childhood and watch some more cheesy retro 90s scifi.

And what better way to start then with the 1993 cult classic Space Rangers! Yeah sure its a little cheesy and old but god did it have so much potential. Great effects (for the time), great characters, great planets, scary villains. Utter tragedy that it never got past a measly 6 episodes! Its style reminds me of the first season of Babylon 5 which considering how amazing its later seasons were I can only imagine how awesome this show would have been with more seasons to flesh out the characters and find out what the hell was going on with those banshee things!

The dvd was finally released in 2013 in Region 1 (US) only so I had to import it here to Aus but it was worth it. After all these years I was not disappointed. Now I’m on to fellow 90s scifi one hit wonders ‘Earth 2’ and ‘Space Above and Beyond’! 🙂

I want to go here..

Space Rangers very 90s/babylon 5 style intro