Awesome New Intellivision Indie / Home Brew Games In 2019

I miss my old Intellivision. I was originally sent this late 1970s console in the late 1980s by my absent father. By that time most people were rocking Commodore 64s, Nintendos and Sega Master Systems so the Intellivision was already looking pretty darn dated but we had no money so it was going to be a while before I could get one of those consoles so I fully embraced the gift I was given. The Intellivision came with the voice addon and a HUGE box of games. There must have easily been 50 of them! Favourites definitely included B-17 Bomber, Tron Deadly Discs, Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, White Water, Dracula, River Run, Skiing, Baseball, and Truckin. I always tried to figure out Utopia but my copy was missing the manual which is such a shame as it could have been my first strategy game experience. There were so many others in the collection I’ve forgotten or I just couldn’t figure out due to missing manuals like Sub Hunt and Ice Trek etc..

In the decades since I’ve seen there were some pretty awesome games sadly not in the collection I was given such as the awesome looking Tower of Doom RPG, Thunder Castle, Swords and Serpents, Pole Position, River Raid, Dreadnought Factor, Chip Shot Super Pro Golf (gorgeous graphics), Auto Racing, the Dungeons & Dragons sequels, and who know how many more I missed lol.

Recently the Intellivision company (still alive & well) dug out one of their old archived commercials. Watching it is like opening a time capsule!

The company has been very active lately since as most people know now there’s a new Intellivision console on the way now called the Amico which will contain many of the popular classic Intellivision games, along with modern remakes of some of them and hopefully some of the amazing indie games out there. As like with many retro gaming consoles these days there a healthy indie homebrew Intellivision gaming scene creating some AMAZING games that looked WAY better than any of the original games due to absolutely pushing the console to its limits. Some are conversions of popular 80s games on other rival consoles like the Atari, C64, and even the Amiga which have to be seen to be believed. Here are some of the ones have have blown me away!

Defender Of The Crown Intellivision Port

Intellivania – A Castlevania Intellivision Port

Prince Of Persia Intellivision Port

Untitled Final Fantasy & Dragon Quest style JRPG

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Bitmap Books To Print C-RPG Book

This is great news! Bitmap Books those awesome guys behind the amazing video game art books for Nintendo, SEGA, C64 & Amiga etc have teamed up with the guys behind the excellent CRPG Book – A Guide to Computer Role Playing Games that I posted about earlier this year.

I’ve actually already printed out my own copy and have been slowly reading it over the last month (it’s huge!) and it has introduced me to so many great classic RPGs I didn’t know about. You’ll find all the favourites in there such as Elder Scrolls, Might & Magic, Final Fantasy, Quest for Glory and Starflight just to name a mere few. I absolutely love how it covers what the best version is to get (eg between PC, C64, Amiga, Sega & Nintendo etc) and what the best fan mods are for many of the games.

I also recently ordered Bitmap’s other products such as the NES, SNES, Master System and Art of Point & Click Adventure books. What’s arrived so far has blown me away. I love the 3D lenticular slipcase covers! (eg turn the book and Mario will jump & coins will spin). So I think I’m going to have to get this new book too haha. Fingers crossed they do a Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) book soon too as thats my real retro console love!

How to play SEGA, Nintendo & Playstation Light Gun Shooting Games on modern LCD TVs

Wow! This is an amazing project I recently discovered thanks to Retro Gamer magazine. This clever fellow has created a way to play good old Light Gun games like Duck Hunt, Virtua Cop, Terminator 2 and House of the Dead just to name a few!

Hopefully his system can be mass produced so I’ll can use one with my Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) and Menacer Gun!

Here’s his Github page with all the details:

Here’s a video of what is apparently an older version of his system:

Video Log 1 – Testing My SEGA Mega Drive After 20yrs

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of activity lately. Massively failed my ‘1 video every week’ promise a few months back as real life got very busy and I had to step away from ‘nerd life’ for a couple of months haha. As a result the video uploading stopped (those promised videos ARE filmed, they just need cuts & edits lol) and I missed some great milestones! Blake’s Sanctum passed 31,000 visitors (that’s 11,000 since this time last year!!!) and this blog passed the 5,000 visitor mark which is just incredible. When I think back to the early days in the 2000s when the site was lucky to get 1000 people a year it just shows how much the site has grown, the love people have for retro gaming and how my hard work has paid off. 🙂

So.. I’ve decided to take my youtube channel to the next level and start doing occasional Video Logs (in between all my regular videos) talking about retro gaming and other fun stuff relating to Blake’s Sanctum. Putting myself in front of a camera is slightly nerve racking as the internet can be mean haha but hopefully some people will enjoy the more ‘personalised’ content as apposed to the usual gameplay with my droning voice in the background vids haha.

To kick this new video series off I thought it would be fun to get out my old SEGA Mega Drive (Genesis for US viewers) that I hadn’t touched in 20yrs due to a broken cable and test it along with all my old games. I also talk about my love for retro gaming and recommend some great twitter retro gaming personalities & news channels to follow if you want to get more into the current scene.

Introduction, Getting out the SEGA Mega Drive & Games, Setting up & talking about retro gaming scene. Testing Sonic the Hedgehog 1,2,3 and Sonic & Knuckles.

In the end I waffled on so much and was having so much fun the video got waaaay longer than planned lol so here’s part 2.

Testing Super Monaco GP, Bubsy, Menacer 6 Shooting Games, Lemmings 2 Tribes and Starflight.

Massive Free Book About History Of PC RPGs Is Out!

This is so cool guys. If you grew up playing RPGs on pc and even on consoles then you’ll love this book!

I love how they even have breakdowns of the graphical differences between different computer/console releases of some of the classic (eg Defender of the Crown and Might & Magic 2) as I’ve done that research myself plenty of times trying to find the best version made of a favourite classic.

Nearly all the favourites I grew up playing like Quest For Glory, Might & Magic, and Starflight are here. Also some great modern tributes to the indie scene as they even included the QFG fan game Heroine’s Quest!

You can download the book pdf for free from Kotaku here:

********UPDATE 11/11/2018********

The CRGP guys have made a deal with Bitmap Books to make beautiful printed copies!

Great Retro Gaming News Sources

Hi guys,

Found some great retro gaming, indie gaming, classic consoles & emulation news sources last night. I’m amazed to see just how alive the old Commodore 64 community is too. Check them all out!

(there are people friggin building new Commodore 64s & making new games lol)

(I used to visit Zophar’s Domain in the 90s lol)

(These guys appear to be a magazine that’s been going for years.. how on earth did I not know about them!!!)

Looks like you can subscibe to the magazine here:

And these guys have past copies in digital format:

These are Australian sites however it’s a UK magazine so no doubt you’ll be able to find similar online distributors for other international locations.

1990s SEGA & Nintendo TV Commercials

Decided to add some fun stuff to the under construction Emulation/Console section of my site. I’m sure most of you were either a Sega or a Nintendo kid growing up.. or both lol.. I was SEGA boy and loved my Sonic, Wonderboy and Bubsy etc but I loved going around to mates houses to play Mario, Faxanadu and Star Fox etc. Well a few years ago I found an old video tape I made as a kid where I recorded heaps of old Nintendo and SEGA adverts, I converted it to dvd and have now decided to stick it on youtube for all to enjoy.

Enjoy the retro 90s goodness hahaha!