Free / Open Source HD Fan Remakes / Sequels / Spin Offs Of Great Classic 90s Games

These days there’s nothing I love more than finding a fan made remake, sequel or spin off of one of my favourite 90s games. Especially the ones that retain the original graphics but allow for modern HD resolutions while adding gameplay improvements we wished the original had. Most of these projects are alive and well but could really use our support! Here are some of my favourites..

An amazing open source multiplayer remake of the 90s Command & Conquer and Red Alert engine. Supports C&C1, Red Alert 1, Dune 2000, C&C2 Tiberian Sun along with Red Alert 2 and Dune 2 Classic via 3rd party addons.
Requirements: Fully playable. Only needs original C&C CDs if you want videos & some special addon content
Home Page

A brilliant open source spin off of the Civilization series. Most similar to Civ2 but also has a nice top down Civ1 mode too. Can support up to 126 AI or human players and has a huge range of user generated content such as maps, mods and graphics.
Requirements: None!
Home Page

Master of Magic IME
Implodes Multiplayer Edition is the classic Master of Magic remake we’ve all been waiting for. We just need him to finish it lol! HD resolutions, multiplayer (single player is still there too!), ginormous mirror worlds and up to 13 players (all Wizards!!) in one game await you!
Requirements: None! However the AI is unfinished and doesn’t really do much.
Sourceforge Page

An utterly incredible open source remake of the classic 4X space strategy game Imperium Galactica. The original games creators were so impressed they gave them a contract allowing them to legally work on the remake. HD resolutions, better unit controls, sandbox galaxy mode with playable aliens, multiplayer, building upgrades, and a video upscaler are just some of the amazing improvements.
Requirements: None!
GitHub Page
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New Master of Orion – Conquer the Stars

In-between Doom level editing over the last year I’ve been playing my massive old Master of Orion 3 game that seems to go on forever lol. It’s most people’s least favourite of the series & while I feel the same I still really enjoy it, especially with mods that fix a lot of the issues. One day I plan to do a Master of Orion legacy section that tributes the series and its many clones out there much like I did with my Master of Magic section!.

So I was very excited to hear a few months ago that there was a new Master of Orion game on the way. The game is absolutely stunning, I’m utterly blown away by its graphics and voice acting. I love the planet view, little ships fly around in orbit & you can even see the frigging buildings you build on the planet surface through the clouds! It’s still in steam early access as I type this & apparently the AI needs a lot of work but once all that is ironed out this could be one the greatest space strategy games ever (at least for immersion anyway lol).

This new game looks like a great merger of the series best qualities.. eg it took the immersive graphics (eg planet view) from orion 1, the excellent empire/colony management from orion 2, the galaxy worm hole navigation & scary real time battles from orion 3.. and on top of all that is a very futuristic Endless Space & Endless Legend style non-intrusive but incredibly clean & informative interface.

Check out the amazing videos below..

Biggest known voice actors cast I’ve seen in a PC game

Gameplay Video from PAX Aus (bit low rez though so check out the next vid below to really see the quality)

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