More No Man’s Sky Videos

IGN have been posting more amazing No Man’s Sky videos this month to the build up to its release. As an old Starflight fan I’m very excited about this game. Although with my gaming to do list who knows when I’ll get to it lol!

I love the part when he blasts a hole in the ground and finds a whole secret cave system to live in. Slightly concerned about his comment about everything you’ve done to that world (other than naming things & talking to aliens) being deleted after you’ve left as I like games where you can change things in the world and make a home for yourself etc. The story, RPG & ship upgrading elements will need to be good otherwise after visiting 10 or 20 planets you’ll be sick of the same regenerated stuff shown in a slightly different way (eg oh look its another space kangaroo with a slightly different tail lol) and the fact that almost everything cool you do on those worlds will be lost the moment you leave.

Check out the videos below:

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