New Star Wars Rogue One, No Man’s Sky, & Skyrim Special Edition Trailers

The new Star Wars Rogue One Trailer is here and boy does it look good! Vader baby!!

The time has finally come! No Man’s Sky is out this week and they’ve release another lovely trailer for it. Looks like one hell of a game, especially for old Starflight fans like me!

Wow! Bethesda have decided to release a Remastered Special Edition of Elder Scrolls Skyrim that looks brilliant (although admittedly this look was already being achived by the modding community). Apparently owners of the Legendary copy of the game will get this upgrade for free too!🙂

Everspace & Freelancer Legacy News

For oldschool Freelancer fans like myself there’s been some really cool stuff released or soon to be released out there.

A kickstarter has successfully funded a game called Everspace that looks and sounds so similar to Freelancer it’s just crazy!! Total rip off, and that’s awesome haha! Very excited to play this! Check out the video below!

And on top of this I’m very excited to see that Freelancer Crossfire has finally released the much anticipated version 2.0 that concludes their fan made sequel story! Massively keen to play this too as I’m keen to explore new systems and go on new adventures with my favourite characters once more! With the graphical mods I use (see screenshots on my Freelancer page) it will look even better than it does in their video below.

Big things Coming To Blake’s Sanctum

Wow 17,000 visitors to Blake’s Sanctum!! Quite a few visitors stopping by here too. Thanks guys it’s great to see!🙂 Make’s me feel bad that I haven’t added any big new content to the site in over a year and a half!

So here’s some news! Technically I have been adding big new content to the site for a while, it’s just that most of it is hidden right now.😉 For the last year and a half I’ve been working on 2 very big Doom engine mod projects. I’ll leave them as a surprise for now and just post 2 teaser shots below (although fans of these respective genres should easily recognise the content without me having to tell them hehe). Project 1 is a recent idea based on a classic Sierra game which is now finished and ready for release to the public! Project 2 is a total remake of an old favourite project of mine with lots of new content and is about 1-2 months away from completion.

Once finished I’ll release them both to the world via new sections to the website, videos, pictures and yes even public demos for download. I’m also working on a biiig upgrade to my youtube channel content, and updating other sections of the website with new fan project tributes thanks to lots of helpful feedback from you guys. Busy times!

Project 1

Project 2

New Star Trek Film & TV Trailers!!

Trailer 2 has finally been released for the new Star Trek film. I’ve gotta say it’s WAY better then trailer 1 last year!

And so it begins.. the first teaser trailer for the new Star Trek series has also arrived. Trekgasm!

It’s rumoured to be set after the events of Star Trek 6 and Generations (the 23rd century part) hence why they’ve got Nicholas Myer involved. I loved the style and stories of 1980s Star Trek so I’m excited about what they do do with this. Assuming these rumours are true haha.

Space Rangers Tv Show

After finishing off all 7 seasons of the remastered Star Trek the Next Generation blu-rays I had a craving to continue reliving my chilhood and watch some more cheesy retro 90s scifi.

And what better way to start then with the 1993 cult classic Space Rangers! Yeah sure its a little cheesy and old but god did it have so much potential. Great effects (for the time), great characters, great planets, scary villains. Utter tragedy that it never got past a measly 6 episodes! Its style reminds me of the first season of Babylon 5 which considering how amazing its later seasons were I can only imagine how awesome this show would have been with more seasons to flesh out the characters and find out what the hell was going on with those banshee things!

The dvd was finally released in 2013 in Region 1 (US) only so I had to import it here to Aus but it was worth it. After all these years I was not disappointed. Now I’m on to fellow 90s scifi one hit wonders ‘Earth 2’ and ‘Space Above and Beyond’!🙂

I want to go here..

Space Rangers very 90s/babylon 5 style intro

More No Man’s Sky Videos

IGN have been posting more amazing No Man’s Sky videos this month to the build up to its release. As an old Starflight fan I’m very excited about this game. Although with my gaming to do list who knows when I’ll get to it lol!

I love the part when he blasts a hole in the ground and finds a whole secret cave system to live in. Slightly concerned about his comment about everything you’ve done to that world (other than naming things & talking to aliens) being deleted after you’ve left as I like games where you can change things in the world and make a home for yourself etc. The story, RPG & ship upgrading elements will need to be good otherwise after visiting 10 or 20 planets you’ll be sick of the same regenerated stuff shown in a slightly different way (eg oh look its another space kangaroo with a slightly different tail lol) and the fact that almost everything cool you do on those worlds will be lost the moment you leave.

Check out the videos below:

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Sonic & Mario Crossover + New 3D NES Emulator

I love it when fans use modern tools and abilities to improve old school games whether it be mod projects, fan patches or remakes of things hence why my website often tributes such projects after tributing the original base game. One day I plan to do big Sonic the Hedgehog & Super Mario sections on my website covering all the great platformers, spin offs and numerous fan projects out there. I also still have to finish my old Emulation/Console section one day too lol!

In the meantime check out these 2 amazing pieces of work below…

The first is a new emulator that converts old Nintendo (NES) games into 3D! Its a bit glitchy in some parts but looks amazing in others. Skip to different parts to see different games. Check out his channel for more videos and you can try it yourself HERE.

The second are some cool fan created crossover videos between Sonic, Mario & other famous series. Check out his channel for more cool videos!

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New Master of Orion – Conquer the Stars

In-between Doom level editing over the last year I’ve been playing my massive old Master of Orion 3 game that seems to go on forever lol. It’s most people’s least favourite of the series & while I feel the same I still really enjoy it, especially with mods that fix a lot of the issues. One day I plan to do a Master of Orion legacy section that tributes the series and its many clones out there much like I did with my Master of Magic section!.

So I was very excited to hear a few months ago that there was a new Master of Orion game on the way. The game is absolutely stunning, I’m utterly blown away by its graphics and voice acting. I love the planet view, little ships fly around in orbit & you can even see the frigging buildings you build on the planet surface through the clouds! It’s still in steam early access as I type this & apparently the AI needs a lot of work but once all that is ironed out this could be one the greatest space strategy games ever (at least for immersion anyway lol).

This new game looks like a great merger of the series best qualities.. eg it took the immersive graphics (eg planet view) from orion 1, the excellent empire/colony management from orion 2, the galaxy worm hole navigation & scary real time battles from orion 3.. and on top of all that is a very futuristic Endless Space & Endless Legend style non-intrusive but incredibly clean & informative interface.

Check out the amazing videos below..

Biggest known voice actors cast I’ve seen in a PC game

Gameplay Video from PAX Aus (bit low rez though so check out the next vid below to really see the quality)

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Vikings Season 4 Trailers

Anyone else mega excited about season 4 of Vikings? Such a good show, I look forward to it each year as much as Game of Thrones now. The season 4 trailers look awesome and they’ve extended the season from the usual 10 eps to 20 episodes! This is gonna be big!🙂

Here are the 6 Trailers I’ve found (let me know if I missed any):

Teaser 1 – Bring the Pain

Teaser 2

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