People Playing My Star Trek Doom Level

Hi guys,

I’m sorry to say I still haven’t been able to solve the problems with my Star Trek Doom and Quest for Glory IV 3D Hexen not working properly in the latest versions of GZDoom which has really killed my motivation to do more work on the projects. Hopefully sooner or later I’ll be able to get some expert help from the ZDoom people and then once everything is fixed I can work on them again. But until that time both projects are still on hold sorry! 😦

However some good news is I’ve found some really cool stuff on youtube. 2 People have played my Star Trek Doom levels and posted videos! It’s very exciting, humbling, weird and kinda frustrating watching other people playing my mods. I kept wanting to scream “noooo you missed a cool area!!!” lol.

This is a really great video although sadly he used the last ever version of ZDoom (not the recommended superior GZDoom) to play it and that last version contains a bug where allied ‘monsters’ will attack you on site. So all those ‘red shirt’ crew members that are meant to help you were instead attacking him! Judging by his video title he got a bit annoyed about that haha!

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Age of Empires 4 and HD remakes of AoE1-3

Very late to the party on mentioning this news sorry but I’m so happy to see a new Age of Empires game coming finally after all these years! But if that isn’t enough we’ve now got remakes of all the earlier games too! AoE1 is already done and I can’t wait to see what they do with AoE2 and 3!! Skybox labs & Forgotten Empires have been doing some great new addon packs for AoE2 over the years so I hope they get included in the remake too.

Official Command & Conquer HD Remasters Announced!

Wow.. I’ve been waiting for something like this to be announced! With Age of Empires and Starcraft getting HD remasters surely EA had to follow with the greatest RTS series of the all Command & Conquer! One can only hope that these remakes will pave the way to new sequels too.

Early days so there’s not much info and no screenshots but you can check out the news at Kotaku here:

Now it’s official!

Duke Nukem 3D High Resolution Pack

Found this the other day and was pretty blown away as I loved playing Duke3D as a kid and love Build engine games. These fans have completely overhauled Duke 3D’s graphics and the game looks beautiful!! The mod uses the popular EDuke32 engine which is basically a GLQuake/GZDoom style 3D remake of Duke 3D but adds HD textures to everything.




BIG Starflight Website Update In 2018!

Don’t worry guys, I have been working on my website and there’s more updates coming soon including a big new section for 2018! First thing to announce is a big super update to my Starflight Series Section! There’s been so much going on in the Starflight universe with the official SF3, Marvin’s SF1 remake and the swarm of fans gathering for these projects that have included old SF3 fan project members with rarely seen backups of long lost fan projects.

Needless to say I jumped on the opportunity and collected as many old demos as I could and then created new much bigger tribute pages on my site. Full list of changes below.. hope you guys enjoy!

Website Preview:


New Starflight related projects added:
Starflight 3 Universe – OFFICIAL sequel from original SF1&2 developer Greg Johnson
Starflight: The Remaking of a Legend – AMAZING new remake in 2018!
Starflight I Universe Mod – SF1 Style Overhaul Mod For SF2
Starflight Revisited – Starflight I Remake Project
Starflight Invasion – Starflight Spinoff Series Project
Starflight Alternative Universe – Starflight I Remake Project
AlienMe – Starflight inspired fan game
Star Citizen – Similar Game. Fans suggested I add it so I have!

Changes made to existing Starflight content:
General – Upgraded contents menu to have icons and a nice picture.
Starflight: The Lost Colony – Recorded a new tour video.
Starflight: The Remake – Found a long lost missing demo supplied by the SF3 team! Used demo to upgrade screenshots & record tour video.
Starflight III: Mysteries of the Universe – Found multiple long lost missing demos supplied by the SF3 team! Used demo to upgrade screenshots & record tour videos.
Starflight Project – Found a long lost missing demo supplied by the SF3 team! Used demo to upgrade screenshots & record tour video.
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Kung Fury 2 Sequel News

I’m a little late to the party on this news but I re-watched the awesome Kung Fury film on youtube the other day and wondered if there’d been any news on a sequel and/or big film version coming as it was rumoured years ago. Well sure enough a big sequel film is coming and they’ve bagged a star they just HAD to get haha. Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Also cool to hear they’ve bagged David Hasselhoff again and Michael Fassbender too!

Should You Buy Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption?

This is a really good video talking about all the pros and cons of Quest For Glory creators Lori and Corey Cole’s new game Hero-U Rogue to Redemption and whether it is worth buying. Some supposedly loyal QFG & Coles fans have been less than kind towards them about the game (some outright harassing & insulting them) when it really is quite a good game. It’s not Quest for Glory, but it was never going to be lol.

Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Succession Wars Mod

I currently have a minor tribute to this amazing fan project on my Heroes of Might & Magic Website as it’s been going for a few years now however at some point I will definitely do a bigger full page tribute as this is looking so cool.

For a a number of years now a talented group of fans have been modding HoMM3 to have HoMM2 style graphics and port over all the maps too. What’s really cool is that it will essentially allow you to play HoMM2 with all of HoMM3’s gameplay improvements such as the ragdoll hero, super artifacts, quest huts, siege weapons, more castle buildings & specials, and of course the new races (seeing them ‘de-make’ Swamp & Demons is so cool). They’re also upscaling a lot of the old graphics too (eg the title screen) and plan to add new HoMM2 inspired campaigns to go with the existing imported HoMM2 ones! Apparently it will also be compatible with the awesome HoMM3 HD Mod (with + features turned off though) so the end result should hopefully be a greatly enhanced Heroes of Might & Magic 2 experience in HD resolutions! 🙂

Check out their trailer below and follow them on facebook as they plan to release this year in 2018!

New Star Citizen Squadron 42 Trailer

Omg.. mind blown! There’s quite a difference in quality between this new Squadron 42 trailer and the previous ones. Also more celebrities! Considering I’m more of a single player than a multiplayer, Squadron 42 is the game I’m really looking forward to playing! I’ll probably only end up watching other people play the big multiplayer Star Citizen game when it comes out, but you never know haha. Either way this looks amazing! Takes me back to the good old Wing Commander and Freelancer days!

X4 Foundations Coming Soon!

Another game I’m super excited about is the up and coming sequel to the awesome X Series of space adventure and trading games. X4 Foundations looks like it will play similar to great classics like Freelancer with lots of space combat, trading and walking around space bars conducting ‘business’. After fans complained about the previous game X-Rebirth not allowing you to fly any ship (which you could do in previous games) they have brought it back in X4 but have still kept the awesome walking around your ship and space stations stuff of X-Rebirth (the Freelancer fan in me is very excited about that bit!). They’ve vastly improved station building too which means players will be able to craft huge empires of modular stations protected by fleets of ships including giant battleships where you can stand on the bridge surrounded by your crew! Egosoft has been releasing alpha footage over the last year but now they have announced a proper November 30th release date and have just put out official trailer and gameplay footage videos which I’ll post below!

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