Turbo Killer 2 – Blood Machines + Project Ickerman

Followers of this blog may have seen me post about my recent love of 80s Future Synthwave songs and their compilation playlists in the past. Many of these tracks have freaky video clips and one of the standouts was Turbo Killer by Carpenter Brut. The utterly amazing video track was made by Seth Ickerman. Well now they’re working on a sequel project! If haven’t seen the original video then there it is:

Making of video:

Turns out I’m late to the party as usual as they announced a Turbo Killer 2 sequel in 2019 and launched a Kickstarter crowdfund campaign which did quite well as it showed shorts from both Tubero Killer 2 and another project they’re working on with serious Blade Runner vibes called project Ickerman!

Ickerman appears to be the long term project while Blood Machines the short term one. However like with so many great and creative projects things can blow out a bit and their Blood Machines short film expanded into a 50min movie so they did a second very successful Kickstarter in 2020. What’s even cooler is that the entire film soundtrack was done by Carepnder Brut and David Sandberg the creator of Kung Fury (which if you haven’t seen it’s awesomeness on then shame on you haha) also joined their team as a producer. I love how all these guys work looks so big budget despite being made in garages lol and that their creativity is inspired by 80s action, Synth Music and blade runner cyberpunk. Here’s some trailers:

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Blade Runner Short Films

Like many I was pretty nervous about how the Blade Runner 2049 sequel film would be handled and was relived to see just how friggin good Denis Villeneuve’s film ended up being (I can’t wait to see how he handles the Dune remake!). Some criticized its slow pacing and lack of action (apparently forgetting that the original film wasn’t non-stop action either lol) but most were blown away by its cinematography/visual style and story that really adds to the universe setup in the original 1982 masterpiece by Ridley Scott.

I recently watched the awesome ‘Final Cut’ of the original Blade Runner which was amazing as Ridley & his team redid and fixed some of the films original production gaffes (eg the stunt woman’s face crashing through glass and the shed roof as the doves fly off) while remastering and cleaning up everything else (although I kind of miss the voiceovers even if that wasn’t Ridley’s vision). I then went straight into Blade Runner 2049 to see how it would hold up watching right after the original (& how it would hold up as a repeat watch being I’d already seen it before in the Cinema).. and yeah.. it didn’t disappoint, I was blown away again!

I then discovered the 3 short films set in-between the 2 major films. I was shocked as somehow I’d missed them completely and had never heard of them so presumably many others never have either. They are brilliant as they clearly share the same quality, look and direction of Blade Runner 2049 and they do indeed bridge the gap nicely. There are 2 live action films directed by Ridley Scott’s son Luke that star actors from the sequel such as Jared Leto (Niander Wallace) and Dave Bautista (Sapper Morton) and setup the story and their characters nicely as well as an animated manga style film that shows the events of the ‘great blackout’ and the purging of the Tyrell Corporations replicant databases that even has Edward James Olmos return to voice his character Detective Gaff from the original film. Thankfully these films are freely available from Warner Brothers youtube so here are all 3 below for you to enjoy too! 🙂

2036: Nexus Dawn

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