Wonder Boy Asha in Monster World 4 Remake (The series is back again!)

Before I became huge PC gamer I was a Sega kid who in the early 1990s had a Sega Master System and then later a Sega MegaDrive/Genesis. I loved many Master System games (Alex Kidd, Asterix, Sonic, Star Wars & many of the Disney ones) however my absolute favourite was Wonder Boy in Monster Land. It may have been the first ever RPG I played and if not then certainly the first I ever owned. I used to hire the sequels from the local video stores and decades later would finally buy them and add them to my physical collection (although Monster World 4 was only released in Japan sadly). In the end a total of 4 Monster World RPG games were made (not including the original Wonder Boy or all the crazy spin offs haha). However it always made me sad that after the mid 90s this great series became abandoned, forgotten about and lost in a legal limbo (due to multiple rights holders disagreeing) for so long.

However a few years ago everything changed when Lizardcube & DotEmu teamed up to make the utterly awesome Wonder Boy 3 The Dragon’s Trap Remake and then Game Atelier & FDG Entertainment teamed up to make an actual friggin sequel to the series with the amazing Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom. They worked with some of the original creators to ensure their new vision remained faithful and paved the way for yet another new game. As now G-Choice & ININ Games have teamed up to release the super cool Wonder Boy Asha in Monster World 4 Remake and it looks great! Check out the video below guys! Fingers crossed this will all finally lead to a remake of my beloved Wonder Boy in Monster Land one day too (although fans are filling the gap with some cool stuff in the meantime)!

PC: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1420080/Wonder_Boy_Asha_in_Monster_World/
Consoles: https://wonderboy.iningames.com/

Wonder Boy in Monster Land Remake/Expansion

Finally!! Someone is remaking and expanding my favourite Childhood game Wonder Boy 2 in Monster Land into a new fan game called Monster Land Meka! Being a fan game it still needs plenty of polish but am utterly blown away with it’s quality so far. I really love the backgrounds where you can see entire valleys of grass, flowers, forests, & rivers surrounded by mountains. Cool foreground decoration too, great effects, amazing music remasters of the original WB2 songs that I’ve hummed in my head for the last 30 years lol! Check out his cool preview videos below, man I hope he releases a demo soon!

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New Official Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX Remake!

Big news today! We’ve got a new official Alex Kidd remake on the way!! I’ve posted in the past about how I grew up playing Alex Kidd in Miracle World and Wonder boy 2 in Monster Land and how I’m huge fan of any official and fan projects relating to them such as the two Alex Kidd Miracle World fan sequels that work on your Sega Master system. I hope to make big Alex Kidd and Wonder Boy tribute pages on my website Blake’s Sanctum one day as it’s great to see these old franchises receiving new love after decades of nothing!

For the last few years I’ve been following a Spanish fellow on twitter making a Alex Kidd remake fan project for years, he’s also doing a Wonder Boy fan game called Value Boy too. I looked at the trailer for this new Alex Kidd remake and thought “hmm this looks very familiar.. have they ripped him off??” only to discover that it IS his game lol! He must have presented his work to Sega and they loved it so much that they backed him instead of giving him a C&D! Well done Sega! I bet Nintendo wouldn’t have done that lol! However I suspect this great news will also mean the end of his Value Boy project though sadly!

Alex Kidd in Miracle World Sequel 2 & 3

I really want to create a Alex Kidd series tribute page (along with a Wonder Boy series page too!) at Blake’s Sanctum one day as they were the first games I owned on my Sega Master system in the early 1990s so I have a huge soft spot for them.

As a result over the last few years I’ve become particularly interested in new homebrew games for classic consoles and ones that relates to these great old series. This includes where people do complicated rom hacks to completely convert an original game into something different.

For example a few years back someone created a true sequel to Alex Kidd in Miracle World (as many didn’t like the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive sequel that was hard to play & ignored story elements of the original). This fan sequel rom hack was so popular that physical copies with manuals and posters started appearing around the net and I couldn’t resist collecting one. Playing it on a real master system is an absolute joy!

Well now I’m so excited as fans have once again created another sequel!! Alex Kidd in Miracle World 3 will be released very soon and looks absolutely amazing. Some of those level backgrounds really push the limits of the master system and the music sounds awesome! They’ve also pushed more even colours and details into Alex Kidd himself and the creatures around him.


New Wonder Boy games after all these years!

I should have posted this a while back however Monsterboy has just come out so I guess now is a great time too! Wonderboy 2 in Monsterland for the Sega Master System was the first RPG I ever owned and played. I loved that game so much and loved it’s 3(ish) sequels too, however sadly the series never made it out of the 90s and up until a few years ago seemed forgotten and lost in legal limbo (due to multiple rights holders disagreeing).

But a few years ago it all took off again when a small studio named Lizardcube managed to successfully work out a deal with all licence holders to create a full blown modern remake of Wonder Boy 3 Dragon’s Trap on PC and modern consoles including the ever popular Nintendo Switch! They did an amazing job and best of all you can effortlessly switch between modern and classic mode playing the game with the original Sega Master System graphics and sounds if you wish! Check out the trailer here:

But if that’s not enough another small studio named FDG Entertainment came along and got the lience to create a full blown new Wonder Boy game titled Monster Bot and the Cursed Kingdom with amazing graphics and animation along with gameplay styled similarly to Wonder Boy 3 again with multiple animal transformation characters to play as. They have also released on PC and consoles too! You can see it’s trailer here:

There’s also some great fan games and remakes from the last 20 years based on Wonder boy so I’ll probably do more blog posts and a big website tribute section down the track! 🙂
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