Civilization 2: Red Alert 2 Siege of New York Mod – Dev Diaries 4-6

Regular visitors to my blog may have seen on my What Is Blake Playing Right NOW? page that I’ve been quite busy with Cilization 2 modding as part of the HUGE new WIP Civilization section and youtube series I’ve been working on for ages.

Time to continue posting about my latest project I’ve been hinting at in previous Civilization posts! All those skills I’ve learned making the soon to be released Civilization 2 Heroes of Might & Magic 2 and Command & Conquer Africa scenarios are now being put into the hardest scenario I have ever attempted! I’m pushing even further into the Command & Conquer and Red Alert universe and creating a big Civilization 2 Red Alert 2 Siege of New York scenario where you’ll be battling it out in city streets between huge sky scrapers.. and yes I know I’m crazy as that’s totally something the Civ2 engine wasn’t built for haha! And I also know this is 20 years too late for anyone to care about it lol!

I’ve created a ModDB page for the project with dev diaries covering stages of development. Figured I’d post them here too, so here’s the next three dev diaries on the Civilization 2 Red Alert 2 Siege of New York scenario.

Dev diaries 1-3 were posted HERE

In this fourth dev diary we hit our stride and finish off all building types – big ones, little ones, and the biiiig difficult 3×3 super skyscrapers.

RA2 Dev Diary 04 – Final Super Buildings in the Civilization 2 – C&C Red Alert 2 Scenario

In this fifth dev diary we finally finished all city buildings and base buildings allowing us to finalise the design of the map.

RA2 Dev Diary 05 – Finishing Bases & the Map for the Civilization 2 – C&C Red Alert 2 Scenario

In this sixth dev diary we’re finally in the home stretch as the title loading screen plus all units, technologies, base improvements are completed.

RA2 Dev Diary 06 – Units & Other Final Graphics for the Civilization 2 – C&C Red Alert 2 Scenario

Starflight Anthology Podcast with Starflight Series creator Greg Johnson

Well this is quite the honour! I’ve been invited to take part in a podcast about the newly released Starflight Anthology novel which will have none other than the Starflight series creator Greg Johnson himself on it! I’ll be taking part in it to (possibly) talk about my efforts to resurrect the Starflight fan community on Facebook , Reddit , & Discord and talk about some of the great SF fan games made too. Or I’m just there to look pretty while they talk about the SF novels haha! Either way I’m very excited to be on a podcast with SF creator Greg Johnson! Hope to see some Starflight fans there! If you miss it, don’t worry I’ll post the youtube video here after. Check out the link for more details: