More Star Wars and Skyrim news

Not sure why I keep grouping these 2 things together, I guess cool stuff keeps happening at the same time lol.

The 3rd and final Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens trailer has been released. Its amazing but of course leaves you with even more questions haha. The new official poster is here too and it looks great but there’s no Luke Skywalker in it! The internet seems to be abuzz with rumours that Luke may turn to the dark side in the new trilogy as he once pitched that idea to Lucas in the original trilogy. Should be very interesting!

Official Poster

Trailer 3

I’ve been viewing more of the youtube user Unreal’s amazing modded Elder Scrolls Skyrim videos lately. These ones just blew me away!

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Star Trek TNG Enterprise-D 3D Construction Project

I’ve got some exciting news coming up about my old Star Trek Doom level. But in the meantime, here’s something WAY BETTER!


I just can not believe that this was made by a fan. The quality is just incredible. A 3D artist has recreated the Enterprise D (from Star Trek The Next Generation) in the Unreal 4 Engine allowing you to walk around any part of the ship! Even using virtual reality if you wish to make you feel like you’re actually there! It looks absolutely incredible! Creating the entire ship is an epic job so its nowhere near finished, and a first demo has not been released yet but hopefully it will soon. Sadly CBS has typically shut down the video on youtube but fortunately the internet continues to fight back and copies are out there (although sadly none of them appear to be as good as the 1080p original). The projects official website is still online (at the time of writing this) so you can see pictures and read about the work he’s done. If you love Trek then you MUST check this out!! It’s so brilliant that it has truly inspired me to work on my own silly old Star Trek level again after all these years!

For more information, pictures, and links check out my tribute to this amazing project in the top fan games section of my Blake’s Sanctum – Star Trek Games page!

Current working Youtube video

Alternative copy of Video

My old Star Trek Doom level