Caster of Magic II Sequel (CoM2) Alpha Testing

Recently posted the great news about Implodes Master of Magic HD Multiplayer remake getting a new release (with functioning AIs) well recently there’s been more awesome Master of Magic related news that I forgot to post here (shame on me I know lol). Seravy has started semi-public alpha testing of his new Caster of Magic 2 sequel game! This is not another mod of MoM and is actually a rebuild from the ground up!

Seravy showed me a private screenshot of an older build earlier this year and have been super excited about this going public due to it being a total rebuild of the MoM engine allowing him to have far more control over things so he can do the sort of things he couldn’t with assembly hacks of the original MoM in CoM1 (eg fight more than 4 players). Sadly he has no interest in increasing the viewing resolution to modern ones (like Implode has done) though.. but if he releases the source code one day others could do that in a mod!

Here’s his thread about CoM2 if people are interested in playtesting and want more info (you have to msg him to get a copy as it’s not a true public free for all test):

And here’s a video he made for the announcement (You may need to fast forward the intro as I think he needs to buy a Microphone haha):

New HD Master of Magic Implode’s Multiplayer Edition version released!

WOAH!!! More great news for us Master of Magic fans as Implode has returned from his self imposed exile (think kungfu movie where the bad guy bests the good guy so the good guy climbs up a mountain and learns better kungfu with some old guy with a grey beard who never speaks and then the good guy comes back and kicks the bad guys ass lol) and released a new version of his HD Multiplayer remake of Master of Magic with for the first time FUNCTIONING AI!! This is the moment so many have been waiting for.. lets try it and give him some feedback!

Edit: Implode has done yet another release after teaching the AI to build roads! More details HERE !



Old Tour video:

HELP finding Master of Myrror II & Master of Arcanus final beta mods for Civilization 3

Hey guys.. if any of you are or used to be members of the various old Civ forum communities (eg CivFinatics)and you tried Drift’s Master of Magic inspired Master of Myrror II & Master of Arcanus final beta sequel mods for Civilization 3 and you think you may still have the files somewhere on some old hard drive PLEASE LET ME KNOW as these great old MoM related mods may be lost forever! 😦

(Note: Drift’s original Master of Myrror I mod has been safely backed up, it’s just the sequels missing)

My attempts to rescue the mods in Drift’s original Master of Myrror II & Master of Arcanus final betas thread is here:


Drift’s Master of Myrror II sequel & Master of Arcanus final betas have been saved!!! 🙂 Massive thank you to PaGe at the German forums! He just might have been the last person on the planet with these files lol!

Not anymore though as I’ve repacked the files in 7zip, added new documentation, and used the large file upload access the admins at CivFinatics kindly gave me last year to upload them & I’ve also stuck a copy of them over at ModDB too! Hopefully we never have to worry about them disappearing again!

Old screenshots of Drift’s Master of Myrror:

Caster of Magic (Master of Magic Mod) is now on Steam & GoG!

Well this is big news! Seravy has done a deal with Slitherine (the new MoM license holder working on a new MoM game) and Caster of Magic is now a buyable ‘officially approved’ Master of Magic addon on Steam & GoG! Naturally Seravy has promised to continue doing more amazing improvements to the mod now that he’s receiving financial reward for his hard work. Caster of Magic is already amazing enough as it changes & improves MoM so much but my god if he ever finds a way to exceed the 4 enemy player limit I’ll have his baby lol!

Announcement thread:

The only downside is all previous copies of CoM have been wiped! Don’t think I’ve grabbed a copy since 5.6, which must have been a while back as he’s now up to 6.0 lol!

EDIT: Sure enough here they are! They’ve gone live!

I just realised.. Master of Magic wasn’t even on steam until now.. they’re doing a joint release of both MoM & CoM on steam! Wow!

Master of Magic 2 Sequel Wishlist For Slitherine

Hey guys,

Time for another Master of Magic post! Now that it appears we’ve got an official Master of Magic sequel or Remake on way (courtesy of Slitherine who’ve bought the rights from Atari’s IP dungeon and made the announcement on their site) I’ve been thinking about how after all these years many of the old MoM communities have vanished and a lot of good fan ‘Wish lists’ have been long lost.

They’re probably still in the early days of development so now is the time to get fan feature requests and wish list items in front of their faces. If the remaining fan base doesn’t speak up now then god knows what sort of game we’ll end up with. So now is the time to act!

I’ve made wishlist request threads in the various pockets of MoM fan forums plus the Master of Magic Facebook Group and figured I’d better post about it here too! I’ve been copying all responses (minus the arguments, moaning & slitherine bashing lol) into a wishlish thread over at the Slitherine forums. If you have a wish list then please post here or over at Slitherine.

I of course also gave them a copy of my own personal wish list below:
• BIG ONE – More than 4 enemy players. Implode’s MoM HD Multiplayer Remake allowed EVERY wizard in one game for super 14 player games which would have bee EPIC and so much fun had he finished the project.
• Larger maps (Insectiside fan patch added huge map size to the original)
• Limited Spying (most fantasy rpgs have thieves/rogues so it fits and stealing spells would be fun)
• Time limit and bigger cost on time stop spell (if you’re planning on having that annoying spell again)
• Demand or give cities in Diplomacy (most 4x games have this now and I like using it to play god/peacekeep and save bullied Civs and minor factions from deaths door)
• Expand Grey Neutral Faction into lots of minor factions with identities and race affiliations (eg a minor Elven race with a minor elf wizard that likes Elven main civs and makes trouble for others.. this is another thing done in modern 4x fantasy and space games)
• More worlds and/or an underground world (although this has already been done before in AoW, HoMM & Warlock series)
• More ocean content eg HoMM series filled oceans with shipwreck lairs and treasures (even Morrowind had underwater caves filled with creatures and treasure so this is not new to fantasy games). You could even have a Merfolk faction with cities in the ocean. The fun Fantasy and Midgard scenarios for Civilization 2 Test of Time had a good underwater Merfolk faction with lots of sea based units/creatures.
• Not essential but some cool weather effects would be a fun immersion factor (especially as you can tie spells into them for gameplay events such as huge storms and earthquakes etc). The Official Playstation remake of Master of Magic has clouds rolling over and some cool weather effects from spells. The new Civ6 addon Gathering Storm is another good example of world changing weather effects.
• Talk to Seravy, he’s da man on all things MoM and the creator of the super popular MoM overhaul mod Caster of Magic )

Could Amplitude’s Next Big Game Be a ‘Colonization Like’ Game?

Very excited to hear the recent news! Amplitude have reimagined Master of Orion to Endless Space, Master of Magic to Endless Legend and now they’re taking on the big one that started them all, Civilization to a game called Humankind.

I for one welcome our new TBS overlords, and I would like to remind Amplitude that as a retro gaming youtuber and promoter I can be helpful in rounding up others to toil in their forums and store pages.

(Simpsons joke 😉 )

So this of course makes me think that there’s only one Micropose 90s 4x TBS great left unconquered, Sid Meier’s Colonization!

I would love to see what those guys could do with that formula. The original of course is a great game and many times I found it even more addictive than some of the other greats. I recently replayed the original in HD thanks to the old Windows 3.1 version being resizable, and even to this day it is ridiculously addictive.

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Amplitude Announce Civilization Game Called Humankind

Wow!! Amplitude (creators of the brilliant Master of Orion style game Endless Space and Master of Magic style game Endless Legend) have decided to take on the big one that started them all.. Civilization!.. and they are calling it Humankind. Very excited to see how this one turns out! This is the first real competition since the good old Call to Power days.




Slitherine acquire Master of Magic license to make a new MoM game!!!!

OH MY GOD!!! A couple of months ago I posted about Atari reacquiring the Master of Magic IP trademarks (lost in the 2013 bankruptcy) and wondered what they were up to. Now we know! They were selling it to game studio Slitherine! I don’t know much about this studio but their history shoves a love of classic strategy games so hopefully this remake is in good hands! You can see the annoucments here:

– PC Gamer Article
– Official Slitherine Annoucment

I can’t believe that after 20 years of sitting in the Atari IP dungeon we’re finally getting a new Master of Magic game! So happy about this!! I’ll have to let all the fans know in the Master of Magic facebook group!!!

All us MoM fans have had until now was a few mods, some spiritual sequels and the unfinished fan remake in this video below.

Open Source Master of Magic HD Multiplayer Remake Update

Hey guys. A couple of years back I excitedly posted here about the brilliant Open Source Java Master of Magic engine remake called Master of Magic – Implode’s Multiplayer Edition.


Well I’m sorry to say that sadly not long after I posted that in 2016 Implode/Nigel went AWOL and stopped working on the project or posting in his forums (which have sadly stopped working too). Such a shame as after 12 years of work his project was looking far closer to completion then any other Master of Magic fan remake. He had the 2 worlds, the battle AI, the races, the wizards, the buildings, the skills, the spells, the artifacts pretty much all working with only a few bugs and gaps here and there. Really the only big hurdle left before final bug testing and polishing was creating the global AI. A huge challenge yes but the last big challenge as all the other main aspects of this huge game were made. However I’m guessing due to the lack of help and support combined with all the usual real life stuff he finally had enough and walked away from it. Such a friggin shame.. 😦

There is still hope though as Implode has appeared in the activity log of the MoM-IME sourceforge page a couple of times in the 2.5 years since he vanished so he has obviously never truly forgotten or left it, however I’ve been unable to reach him over email or DMs. On the bright side his project is opensource and publicly available meaning anyone with a love for MoM and some Java skills could grab a copy and have a play with it. But of course that requires people to actually know about the project which sadly it appears most MoM fans still don’t. So I’ve decided to make one more video touring his game as part of a Civilization & spinoffs (Col, MoM, CtP, AlphaC etc) how to play in HD video series I’m making at the moment. People can check out my new video talking about Implodes MoM project one last time here:

Atari making Master of Magic Remake or Sequel in 2019?

Hey guys!

As well as my big Master of Magic fan tribute website I also run the Master of Magic fans facebook group and one of my members has informed me of some interesting activity. Only ONE month ago Atari (back from the dead) put in application on the MoM trademark which can be seen here:

I thought Atari were out of the game publishing thing and were doing casino apps and their VCS console but I now see they are back in game publishing these days and were involved with the recent Blood re-release and appear to have their hands in the pots of a few other retro series. And it’s been pointed out to me that their current CEO Fred Chesnais was once running the show at Mircropose..

So what are they up to with the MoM trademark application then I wonder.. could Atari be planning to make a new MoM game in 2019?

I’ve tweeted the Atari CEO about the discovery. They will no doubt ignore it but feel free to comment & like it which should pester them even more haha 

As a longtime diehard MoM fan the stories of failed MoM sequels and lost opportunities over the last 2 decades are so frustrating. Even in the fan community there’s nothing solid eg Civilization has FreeCiv, Colonization has FreeCol, Master of Orion has FreeOrion and they all have official sequels too of course. MoM has no official sequels and the only fan made remake to come even close was the open source Master of Magic HD Implodes Multiplayer Edition remake which sadly appears to be abandoned by the one guy left working on it. 😦