Free / Open Source HD Fan Remakes / Sequels / Spin Offs Of Great Classic 90s Games

These days there’s nothing I love more than finding a fan made remake, sequel or spin off of one of my favourite 90s games. Especially the ones that retain the original graphics but allow for modern HD resolutions while adding gameplay improvements we wished the original had. Most of these projects are alive and well but could really use our support! Here are some of my favourites..

An amazing open source multiplayer remake of the 90s Command & Conquer and Red Alert engine. Supports C&C1, Red Alert 1, Dune 2000, C&C2 Tiberian Sun along with Red Alert 2 and Dune 2 Classic via 3rd party addons.
Requirements: Fully playable. Only needs original C&C CDs if you want videos & some special addon content
Home Page

A brilliant open source spin off of the Civilization series. Most similar to Civ2 but also has a nice top down Civ1 mode too. Can support up to 126 AI or human players and has a huge range of user generated content such as maps, mods and graphics.
Requirements: None!
Home Page

Master of Magic IME
Implodes Multiplayer Edition is the classic Master of Magic remake we’ve all been waiting for. We just need him to finish it lol! HD resolutions, multiplayer (single player is still there too!), ginormous mirror worlds and up to 13 players (all Wizards!!) in one game await you!
Requirements: None! However the AI is unfinished and doesn’t really do much.
Sourceforge Page

An utterly incredible open source remake of the classic 4X space strategy game Imperium Galactica. The original games creators were so impressed they gave them a contract allowing them to legally work on the remake. HD resolutions, better unit controls, sandbox galaxy mode with playable aliens, multiplayer, building upgrades, and a video upscaler are just some of the amazing improvements.
Requirements: None!
GitHub Page
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Master of Magic HD Remake Sequel (Implode’s Multiplayer Edition)

Hi guys, I really want to spread the word on an awesome fan project that’s still going and has utterly blown me away.

Master of Magic – Implode’s Multiplayer Edition is a brilliant MoM engine rebuild that supports larger maps, up to 14 players (either Human or AI), and any modern windows resolution like HD 4K etc. The author Implode intends to expand on the original MoM experience but with minimal changes to the core gameplay and graphics that we all know & love.

Implode the creator of MoM-IME has been working on this project for at least 12yrs now and isn’t getting much support these days so if you’re a huge Master of Magic fan and you’ve dreamed of playing against 13 other wizards in massive slaughterfest over 2 giant worlds in high resolution then get yours butts over to the official MoM-IME forum and try out the latest demo and offer your support! 🙂

I love the improved battle graphics eg how he’s done a LOTR-Weta workshop trick of grabbing a few guys and replicating them into larger groups. Makes you feel like your commanding large armies instead of little squads and big monsters who are upscaled and not replicated look much scarier now as they tower over the little armies! Also like the Civ style territory borders and how the game supports simultaneous turns like AoW which would be great for multiplayer games.

For anyone interested here’s a video I recorded of his game in 1080P (FYI it doesn’t go full screen until the map loads)…

Part 1 covers me exploring the starting an empire (fast forwarding through slow bits):

Part 2 covers me attacking some neighbours and starting a new game in the Myrran dark world:

NOTE: This video was made with the 2015 WIP release. There have been multiple releases since adding things such as treasure rewards and hero items. In late 2016 Implode started work on the much anticipated enemy wizard global AI (AI build cities & armies, casts spells etc) so I can’t wait for that! Battle AI is functional however so you can still have a fun monster/treasure hunting RPG style game in the current build.

MoM-IME forum:

Download latest demo build from:

Join the Master of Magic facebook group here:

For more information on this and many other MoM related games & mods check out my MoM Legacy Games page here:

MASSIVE Site Update

Wow.. over 18,000 visitors to Blake’s Sanctum now! And quite a bit of increased traffic to this blog as well! 🙂

I looked at a screenshot of the website that I took at the end of 2014 and saw that there had been around 14,000 visitors over the history of the site at the meaning 4,000 people had visited this site over the last 2 years which was an amazing increase, but then I found another screenshot I took towards the end of 2015 showing the counter at around 15,000 which means that 2015 was just another year for the site and it was in fact this year that things exploded with 3,000 visitors. I have no idea why considering I hadn’t worked on the site since 2014! It hasn’t been a great 2 years in real life, health troubles, a long term relationship breakdown and a few other dramas certainly slowed me down a lot. But I’m back now and have been very busy over the last 3 months working on the site again.

As posted previously I’ve recently released a brand new Star Trek Gaming page which is probably now the largest section on my site with a huge tribute list of fan projects. I then went and updated every other gaming section on the site with new game tributes, better existing game tributes, more screens, more videos, more long lost demos, and navigation upgrades. If you visit your favourite section of the site, odds are you’ll find some new stuff there! 🙂

Thank you everyone for your support, I’m now going to upgrade my youtube channel and then finally release my 2 big mod projects to the world!

Here’s my complete list of changes:

Games Section
Changes made to existing content:
General – Contents menu added.
General – All back buttons changed to utilise HTML bookmarks. Now users don’t have to re-scroll down the entire page constantly! 🙂
General – Fixed some missing slashes in code.

Age of Wonders Series
New AoW related projects found:
Last Days of Old Earth – New game similar to AoW & MoM
Thea: The Awakening – New game similar to AoW & MoM without tactical combat
Dominions Series – Great retro looking series similar to AoW & MoM
Conquest of Elysium Series – Retro looking series (created by Dominions team) similar to AoW & MoM
Armello – New game similar to AoW & MoM without tactical combat
Chaos Reborn – Game similar to AoW, HoMM & King’s Bounty

Changes made to existing AoW content:
General – Contents menu added.
General – All back buttons changed to utilise HTML bookmarks. Now users don’t have to re-scroll down the entire page constantly! 🙂
General – Fixed some missing slashes in code.
General – Added Good Old Games buy links to all games.
AoW1 – Added download link to Community Content pack (heaps of maps & campaigns).

Babylon 5 Games
New B5 related projects added:
Babylon 5 Into The Fire – Someone leaked to the public the original unfinished Sierra game!
Babylon 5 Stardrive – Total Conversion mod for Stardrive. Thankyou to Anibal for the tip!
Babylon 5 Civilization 4 Final Frontier mod – TC mod for Civilization IV Beyond The Sword Final Frontier. THIS is the Babylon 5 galaxy conquering strategy game fans have always wanted!

Changes made to existing B5 content:
General – Contents menu added.
General – All back buttons changed to utilise HTML bookmarks. Now users don’t have to re-scroll down the entire page constantly! 🙂
General – Fixed some missing slashes in code.
General – Added Good Old Games & Steam buy links to mods requiring a base game.

Command & Conquer Series
New C&C related projects added:
C&C All Stars – Cool Tiberium & Red Alert Crossover Total Conversion Mod for C&C Generals.

Changes made to existing C&C content:
General – Contents menu added.
General – All back buttons changed to utilise HTML bookmarks. Now users don’t have to re-scroll down the entire page constantly! 🙂
General – Fixed some missing slashes in code.
RA2 – Added Good Old Games vote links.
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New Master of Magic – Legacy Games Section

Yes the time has finally come for a brand new section in the site. I’d originally planned to spend a few weeks updating all the old sections and then work on 3 big news ones. However the updates became so extensive that its taken me nearly 3 months! My interest is starting to burn out and I’m hell keen to get back to gaming so I’ve decided to do only 2 big new sections this year as this one was almost done anyway.

The first is a Master of Magic section! The great turn based fantasy strategy classic that inspired so many other great game series out there. Also one of the saddest gaming histories as this great successful game never got the sequel it deserved. Simtex and Microprose made 2 attempts to do a sequel but both fell through and never got finished. Once Atari got the rights to the game they have since never let anyone work on it demanding too much money from any studio asking.

So as I usually do I did a big tribute to the game and then looked to the fan community and across the MoM genre of games to find a lot of great stuff out there. The spirit of MoM lives on in many great games series like Warlock, Endless Legend, Elemental, Eador and Age of Wonders all turning into successful series franchises using the MoM forumla. There are more games, mods and great fan projects out there that I’ve found too.

So if you’re a Master of Magic go check out my page to see them all and let me know if there’s more I’ve missed!

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Master of Magic Mods & Spiritual Sequels (BACKDATED NEWS – 25/12/2013)

BACKDATED NEWS – 25/12/2013

The Civilization style fantasy strategy classic Master of Magic that inspired so many great series like Heroes of Might & Magic and Age of Wonders will also one day get a full tribute on this site. Sadly it has never got the sequel it deserved but I have discovered some interesting projects related to it. First is a awesome hard to find MoM fan community called Realms Beyond – Master of Magic Forum where you can access various awesome fan made patches that fix bugs & add even new content to the old 1994 classic! Secondly there are many great spiritual sequels to the game that are very similar in gameplay that MoM fans should check out if they haven’t yet Warlock: Master of the Arcane, Endless Legend, Elemental Series, Eador Series & the afore mentioned Age of Wonders Series. Thirdly thanks to the Kickstarter revolution there is also a couple of fan made MoM inspired games on the way called Worlds of Magic & War Barons. Hopefully they sucessfully re-create the awesome world & gameplay of Master of Magic too!