X-Wing Alliance HD 2020 Upgrade

Now this is super cool! I used to love playing X-Wing and Tie Fighter collectors editions back in the day. However sadly by the late 90s I’d stopped playing these kinds of games so I didn’t get to experience the joys of the 1998 Windows remakes, X-Wing Vs Tie Fighter, and the final X-Wing Alliance sequels. However I always planned to haha.

I recently noticed they’re all on steam and there’s some good fan patches out there for them so I guess I’ve got no excuse now lol. However the most impressive fan project I’ve found is this one! It massively converts the ancient late 90s X-Wing Alliance engine to support better textures, shaders and lighting effects and what a difference it makes. Just amazing!


The project is already released and is still being improved upon in 2020. Check out this recent video they did! Wowzer!!

New Star Wars Rogue One, No Man’s Sky, & Skyrim Special Edition Trailers

The new Star Wars Rogue One Trailer is here and boy does it look good! Vader baby!!

The time has finally come! No Man’s Sky is out this week and they’ve release another lovely trailer for it. Looks like one hell of a game, especially for old Starflight fans like me!

Wow! Bethesda have decided to release a Remastered Special Edition of Elder Scrolls Skyrim that looks brilliant (although admittedly this look was already being achived by the modding community). Apparently owners of the Legendary copy of the game will get this upgrade for free too! 🙂

More Star Wars and Skyrim news

Not sure why I keep grouping these 2 things together, I guess cool stuff keeps happening at the same time lol.

The 3rd and final Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens trailer has been released. Its amazing but of course leaves you with even more questions haha. The new official poster is here too and it looks great but there’s no Luke Skywalker in it! The internet seems to be abuzz with rumours that Luke may turn to the dark side in the new trilogy as he once pitched that idea to Lucas in the original trilogy. Should be very interesting!

Official Poster

Trailer 3

I’ve been viewing more of the youtube user Unreal’s amazing modded Elder Scrolls Skyrim videos lately. These ones just blew me away!

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Skyrim and Star Wars news

Elder Scrolls Skyrim was in the news quite a bit recently with the whole ‘allow modders to make money via steam’ thing activated and then deactivated due to the sh*tstorm that followed lol. I’m not going to rant away about it like others have but keeping mods free is for the best imo!

Unreal has been at it again with some amazing new Skyrim super modded videos that will just blow you away!

This is old news now and I don’t think I’ve spoken of Star Wars before on my site/blog but there’s so much going on I gotta post something. The first 2 trailers for the up and coming Star Wars Episode VII are just mind blowing. But we of course know from the Star Trek reboots that JJ Abrams knows how to make bloody good trailers lol.

Here’s the most recent trailer featuring a few of our old friends. 🙂

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