Rebel Galaxy Outlaw (Freelancer Like Game)

Wow! Rebel Galaxy Outlaw looks like one of the closest Freelancer spiritual sequel games I’ve EVER seen!

I’d already covered the excellent previous Rebel Galaxy game on my Freelancer Legacy Games Website but they have taken things to a whole new level with their new game. You can tell the devs are Freelancer fans as the main character is called Juno and it’s got beautiful planetary landings! The graphics in space are stunning and the cockpits look pretty cool too. Looks like you can land at bases and worlds and visit dealers and bars (even play pool lol). Sadly it’s an Epic store exclusive but that’s okay, I’m in no hurry as my gaming to do list is endless lol.

(you can briefly see a planet landing in this video review at the 1:30 mark)

Here’s some screenshots:

Dev’s have done a big gameplay video too:

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