Official Starflight 3 Crowdfund Campaign has failed! But there is hope..

Sad news for us Starflight fans, the official Starflight 3 crowdfund campaign has NOT reached it’s 800k goal! 30 years waiting for a sequel and its fails due to not enough media attention. So many thousands of SF fans out there (SF1 was apparently the first ever game to go platinum with 1mil sales back in the 80s) that never got to hear about this. Such a shame!

I really did everything I could in the last week of the campaign guys…
– I tweeted every single major gaming news site I could think of: RetroGamer Mag, Mashable, Gamespot, IGN, GamesRadar, Polygon, Forbes Gaming, Kotaku, and Rock Paper Shotgun. Any other big ones I’ve missed? (PC Gamer already covered SF3)
– I hit up some of the big super star trek FB groups. Some of these groups have up to 100,000 members although all posts generally require admin approval so I think I got stopped on a bunch grr.
– I spent hours posting in every forum I knew and have an account in that was either space game/tv related or gaming related that has a off topic area. I probably did like 40 forums including some really big gaming ones and the steam forums for a lot of similar games to SF (my SF similar games website list came in handy lol).
– In the final days I didn’t work or sleep as I bumped all my forum threads and I tweeted 40 of the most influential famous game devs in the world eg people like Notch, Chris Roberts, John Carmack, Tim Shafer, Brad Wardell, Sid Meier, Ron Gilbert, Tim Sweeny, hell I even did Bill friggin Gates lmao. But after this I really was out of ideas and it just wasn’t enough.. 😦

However there’s still hope as Greg & Anthony said in a recent podcast that they’ll look at improving the demo and may try a crowdfund again in the future or secure a publisher. If you’re a big Starflight fan and you come across this post long after it’s too late, come join the starflight facebook group and we’ll let you know the next time anything happens with SF3 (if there’s a next time *sigh* ). They’ve also created a new official SF3 Discord Channel for all fans to be kept up to date on ‘SF3 Plan B’ plus as previously mentioned there’s a rather impressive Starflight 1 remake from a ex-bethesda employee being made right now too so all is not lost for us old SF fans! 🙂

New official Starflight 3 game needs backers and spreading the word!

******************29/09/2018 UPDATE******************

The official SF3 crowdfund campaign has failed! 😦 But there is still hope. More details here:

******************29/09/2018 UPDATE******************

Hey guys,

Good news is Greg and Anthony have finally listened to people saying the lowest physical copy pledge was too much compared to most game crowdfunding. You can now add the boxed copy alone as an extra item to your exiting pledge! Which i just did! 🙂

Bad news is the crowdfunding campaign has shot up from 200 to 301 thousand now but that took like 10 or so days. So they’re still not quite half way to the 800 grand funding requirement and there’s only 16 days to go! Maybe we won’t be getting the sequel we’ve all waited so many years for. 😦

I see a lot of hits on this blog about Starflight 3 so if you’re a long time fan of the series then boy do they need your help in either backing the project or spreading the word around social sites!

Official Starflight 3 Fig Campaign:

Official Starflight 3 Discord:

New Announcement Trailer:

Starflight 1 HD Remake Project Update

Omg guys.. the speed which Marvin is cranking out game features in the Starflight 1 remake is insane!! He’s now implemented hyperspace (deep space) travel and imported the ENTIRE SF1 galaxy!!! He just needs us fans to keep helping him with Planet surface photos that he’ll eventually feed into a beautiful lifelike planet surface fractal generator. I’m using the amazing Ultimate Starflight 1 Map to help me take the pictures.

I’ll also point out that they are now releasing playable builds on Marvin’s website so you guys can go play around with the latest WIP build anytime if you want. No special software required, just run the exe! 🙂

And if that’s not enough he’s got working Fluxes now too!!!