Heroes of Might & Magic 7 Released

Hi guys,

The moment has finally come, the latest game in my long loved Heroes of Might & Magic Series, Might & Magic Heroes 7 is being released. Hopefully it will end up much better than Heroes 6 which turned off a lot of fans (I’m still yet to finish it and do a tribute page on my website due to its nasty bugs Ubisoft & Limbic just friggin LEFT in the game). It certainly looks pretty good and appears to be highly customizable which should lead to some awesome total conversion fan made campaigns. The developers themselves have already annouced some cool addons set in the old Heroes 1-4 worlds with some characters we loved and say more will come. Very much looking forward to this part!

In the last few weeks they’ve released some good videos. I’ll post them below for fans who haven’t seen them.

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