Could Amplitude’s Next Big Game Be a ‘Colonization Like’ Game?

Very excited to hear the recent news! Amplitude have reimagined Master of Orion to Endless Space, Master of Magic to Endless Legend and now they’re taking on the big one that started them all, Civilization to a game called Humankind.

I for one welcome our new TBS overlords, and I would like to remind Amplitude that as a retro gaming youtuber and promoter I can be helpful in rounding up others to toil in their forums and store pages.

(Simpsons joke 😉 )

So this of course makes me think that there’s only one Micropose 90s 4x TBS great left unconquered, Sid Meier’s Colonization!

I would love to see what those guys could do with that formula. The original of course is a great game and many times I found it even more addictive than some of the other greats. I recently replayed the original in HD thanks to the old Windows 3.1 version being resizable, and even to this day it is ridiculously addictive.

The Firaxis Civilization IV Colonization sequel/remake took advantage of some of Civ4’s cool features like upgradable units with lots of cool skills encouraging you to look after your armies and develop them up RPG style!

Obviously Amplitude would need to twist their version into something new and different to make it their own game (and not get sued lol) and there’s plenty of interesting ideas from other games that could add to the experience.

For example you could tell that the Age of Empires 3 guys at Ensemble were big Colonization fans as they were able to take Colonization’s good old Home port city and turn it into a big home city with numerous upgrades and specials that could change the outcome of a Age3 RTS match (call in a second fort card, yes a please!). A TBS Colonization game with RPG’ish heavily upgradable & expandable home city would be a very cool and addictive thing. Obviously that leads to some interesting things when the time comes to rebel against the crown (eg do you benefit or suffer from a upgraded European home city), so maybe it could instead be your home capital in the new world that you upgrade to get cool bonuses?

The brilliant (& still active) fan made FreeCol project has also taken the original Colonization in some interesting directions too such as adding multiplayer, more colonization era nations (Russians, Swedish, Danish and Portuguese) bringing the original measly total of 4 up to 8 players, much better Indian trading, and maps of other Colonization era maps such as Australia & Africa. If you expand the era dates you could add even more colonizing nations (eg fans have been adding more to FreeCol such as Italian, Belgian, Prussian/German and Otoman).

Another area where they could totally go in a different direction is combat. Colonization had simple Civ1 style combat so why not expand that into zoomed in tactical combat mode. Amplitude certainly have plenty of experience in that area with Endless Legend. The often forgotten about Colonization style game called Conquest of the New World had a very Heroes of Might & Magic style chessboard tactical battle mode that they could take and expand into something way better!


There’s plenty of other examples and cool enhancement ideas out there from good Colonial era strategy games like Imperialism series, Anno 1404, Settlers series, and more…

Hope those guys make this dream a reality one day! 🙂

Any one else got fun suggestions for a future Amplitude Colonization style game? If so I’ve posted a thread about it over in the Amplitude forums here:

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