3D VR Nintendo NES Emulator

Hi guys,

I just had to post this piece of Emulation news. A couple of years back I posted about a 3D Nintendo Emulator that converted every classic NES game into a 3D environment. That beta was pretty buggy but oh man have things improved over the years since. Check out his latest stuff below. It’s almost flawless and while VR is not required it sure as hell looks great if you have it!

I’m gonna have to get my hands on this and put all my favourite NES games (eg Final Fantasy 1-3, Star Wars, Faxanadu) through it!

Their website:

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis 2 Sequel & Remake

I cover a lot of Sierra Point & Click adventures here (eg Quest For Glory) but I actually loved quite a bit of LucasArts stuff too. My favourite game from them was definitely Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. It’s such a shame that it never got an official sequel. The leaked stories about how one was in the making but got canned are frustrating to read!

However a lot of people clearly felt the same way and even today there’s still a lot of love for this classic game resulting in some truly amazing fan projects that I hope to properly tribute on my website one day. There’s actually a whole list of Indy fan projects out there but most are dead now however the best 2 are thankfully alive and well. Check them out below and give them your support!!

REMAKE: Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis – Special Edition

SEQUEL: Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth

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Video Log 1 – Testing My SEGA Mega Drive After 20yrs

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of activity lately. Massively failed my ‘1 video every week’ promise a few months back as real life got very busy and I had to step away from ‘nerd life’ for a couple of months haha. As a result the video uploading stopped (those promised videos ARE filmed, they just need cuts & edits lol) and I missed some great milestones! Blake’s Sanctum passed 31,000 visitors (that’s 11,000 since this time last year!!!) and this blog passed the 5,000 visitor mark which is just incredible. When I think back to the early days in the 2000s when the site was lucky to get 1000 people a year it just shows how much the site has grown, the love people have for retro gaming and how my hard work has paid off. 🙂

So.. I’ve decided to take my youtube channel to the next level and start doing occasional Video Logs (in between all my regular videos) talking about retro gaming and other fun stuff relating to Blake’s Sanctum. Putting myself in front of a camera is slightly nerve racking as the internet can be mean haha but hopefully some people will enjoy the more ‘personalised’ content as apposed to the usual gameplay with my droning voice in the background vids haha.

To kick this new video series off I thought it would be fun to get out my old SEGA Mega Drive (Genesis for US viewers) that I hadn’t touched in 20yrs due to a broken cable and test it along with all my old games. I also talk about my love for retro gaming and recommend some great twitter retro gaming personalities & news channels to follow if you want to get more into the current scene.

Introduction, Getting out the SEGA Mega Drive & Games, Setting up & talking about retro gaming scene. Testing Sonic the Hedgehog 1,2,3 and Sonic & Knuckles.

In the end I waffled on so much and was having so much fun the video got waaaay longer than planned lol so here’s part 2.

Testing Super Monaco GP, Bubsy, Menacer 6 Shooting Games, Lemmings 2 Tribes and Starflight.

Ion Maiden – A New 3D Realms Build Engine Game in 2018

While I’ve always been a Doom engine editor my actual biggest soft spot has always been for the 3D Realms Build engine. I loved every game on it (especially Duke Nukem 3D, Blood & Red Neck Rampage) and it just looked so good for its time (part of me wishes I’d learned the editor and created STDoom in that instead but it’s a bit late for that now haha).

So I’m thrilled with this news! 3D Realms (also known as Apogee who gave us classic series like Wolfenstein 3D, Commander Keen, Rise of the Triad & Terminal Velocity) have brought the Build engine back from the dead, updated it, improved it and worked with an indie studio to create a whole new friggin game!!!!