Strafe, Beyond Skyrim, Elder Scrolls Online, Sid Meier’s Starships & Star Citizen news

Hey everyone, just wanted to say thanks for stopping by haha! The website hit 13,000 hits a few days ago and now this blog just hit 100 unique visitors since I moved in September 2014. I always wondered how many people visiting the site checked my news pages and thanks to the statistical features here it appears about 20-25% of my website visitors stick around to checkout my news pages which is better than I thought. When I moved everything to the blog I wondered whether all my efforts were worth it so its great to see people are stopping by for the nerd news lol!

Speaking of which there’s been some interesting pieces of news in the last few weeks which I’ll post below:

A cool Kickstarter has appeared for a gory hardcore 90s Quake/Doom style first person shooter called Strafe. The trailer is hilarious & they’ve even created an old Geocities style webpage to promote the game lol.

In the world of Elder Scrolls there’s been some cool stuff released. Firstly Bethesta interviewed one of the people behind the massive Beyond Skyrim project that is recreating all of Tamriel (eg Morrowing, Cyrodil etc) in Skyrim. Their stuff looks amazing!

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Blake’s Sanctum Backed Up!

Been working over at Internet Archive to get almost my entire site backed up so that if anything ever happens to me or webring then the site will live on!

Its rather painstaking as due to the way my site is setup their crawlers can’t get everything unless I manually feed each page in there lol! Sadly videos and scrolling backgrounds don’t seem to work in the archived copy but thumbnails, backgrounds, animations and music do so its better than nothing!

HERE is the archived copy for anyone curious.