EPIC Lord Of The Rings Trailer Songs

While setting up my Lord Of The Rings video pages I got to re-experience just how awesome Peter Jackson’s trailers were back in the day and the music they used. Here’s 2 songs he used that just blow you away.

Gothic Power – X-Ray Dog (used in Fellowship of the Ring trailers)

Requiem for a Dream – Clint Mansell (used in The Two Towers trailers)

Lord of the Rings Slideshow Videos

Have made some changes to my forever work in progress Lord Of The Rings section. The never used ‘miscellaneous pictures’ sections for all 3 film pages have been changed to video pages where I’ve created some slideshows of the various awesome moments in the 3 films and also posted all their teasers and trailers. Was great watching them all again!

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Updated Lord of the Rings Section (BACKDATED NEWS – 25/06/2012)

BACKDATED NEWS – 25/06/2012

I have finally (mostly) completed one of the oldest sections of my site.. My Lord Of The Rings Pics section!! I did pages for the first 2 films almost 10 years ago but I’ve now finally added Return of the King pictures, updated the first 2 films & added some preliminary Hobbit info.

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BACKDATED NEWS – 25/06/2012

HUGE SITE UPDATE FINISHED! As well as the changes mentioned on 15/5 I’ve also implemented browser window/tab icons in all sections & some rotating screenshot banners in Star Trek Doom 2 Mod, Star Wars Civ 2 Mod & Lord Of The Rings Pics sections. Have also catagorised my news items with the new icons.

Added many new games to my Babylon 5 Fan Games, Heroes of Might & Magic similar games, & Quest For Glory fan games lists (thank you to all who contacted me about them!)

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Massive site update! (BACKDATED NEWS – 29/09/2001 to 13/06/2010)

BACKDATED NEWS!! – 13/06/2010

Massive site update!! Old sections (Main, About, Star Trek Doom 2 Mod, Star Wars Civ 2 Mod, Lord Of The Rings Pics & Star Trek Pics pages) all updated, images upscaled, plus new downloads & music available. New Quest For Glory Series section (1 & 4.5 added so far), & preliminary Elder Scrolls Series section added.

BACKDATED NEWS!! – 26/10/2009

Moved hosts from Geocities to Webring

BACKDATED NEWS!! – 29/09/2001

Site Launched!