Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun Fan Addon: Twisted Insurrection

Oh my god! How did I not know about this!!! For the last decade (and is still being worked on even now) there has been an amazing huge fan made total conversion addon to Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun called Twisted Insurrection!

This stand alone addon takes place in an alternate timeline where NOD won the original C&C1 Tiberian Dawn story taking control of GDI’s Iron cannon and conquering the world! Twisted Insurrection adds a huge new 50+ mission campaign, completely overhauled GDI & NOD units and buildings, a new third faction called GloboTech, new terrain and tiberian types, huge city maps (RA2 style), underground/inside base building infiltration maps (RA1 style), amazing brand new cutscene videos, and a huge new soundtrack of 70+ songs including one from original C&C & Red Alert composer Frank Klepacki! And if all that isn’t enough they’re now working on adding the entire original Command & Conquer 1 Tiberian Dawn campaign game into the Tiberian Sun engine with enhanced/overhauled versions of the original buildings and units!





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How to play SEGA, Nintendo & Playstation Light Gun Shooting Games on modern LCD TVs

Wow! This is an amazing project I recently discovered thanks to Retro Gamer magazine. This clever fellow has created a way to play good old Light Gun games like Duck Hunt, Virtua Cop, Terminator 2 and House of the Dead just to name a few!

Hopefully his system can be mass produced so I’ll can use one with my Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) and Menacer Gun!

Here’s his Github page with all the details:

Here’s a video of what is apparently an older version of his system:

Official Starflight 3 in 2018!!!!!

******************11/09/2018 UPDATE******************

Fig Campaign has gone public and there’s a genuine risk Greg Johnson’s team will NOT meet the funding required in time! They need our help!! More details here:

******************11/09/2018 UPDATE******************

This is crazy guys!! Regular followers will know that I’ve posted content about the fan made Starflight 3 project for years here and on my Starflight Website but sadly that project never got finished. However this week a fan posted over on the Starflight 3 Facebook Group about an official SF3 sequel coming!!

What’s really interesting is that it appears to involve original Starflight 1 & 2 lead designer Greg Johnson!!

They’ve started a ‘kickstarter like’ funding campaign over on Fig. The campaign is currently not public yet as they are assessing interest:

So let’s get over there and add our support! 🙂

Guess I better add this to my Starflight related games list page asap haha!

Sonic The Hedgehog 1 & 2 HD Remastered Remake

Wow!! I can’t believe I only just found this! Some extremely talented guys have been remaking one of the best Sonic The Hedgehog games ever made, Sonic 2!

They released a playable alpha a few years ago that only contained Emerald Hill Zone, and recently they have released a brand new demo that contains an even better looking Emerald Hill Zone and yes you can continue on to a extremely impressive looking Chemical Plant Zone and Hill Top Zone!!!

I was surprised just how well it plays. The movements and controls are very smooth like the original and the demo ran fast on my computer despite me not having a proper graphics card (running off cr*ppy inbuilt Intel 4600). However the biggest shock for me was the AMAZING remastered soundtrack! Act 1 of each Zone contains an awesome remaster of the classic songs we loved that stays true to the original style, but then in each Act 2 they use a very Sonic 3 & Knuckles style where they’ve created a completely unique and different remaster of that zones song. Eg the new Act 2 Chemical Plant Zone track is friggin AWESOME! I was literally dancing at my desk while playing that level haha!!

Check out the video below, download their latest demo and give them some support and feedback!

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Hero-U Rogue to Redemption (From Quest for Glory Creators the Coles) IS HERE!!

Its been a while since I last posted about this one but the time has finally come! Lori and Corey Cole have released their Kickstarter Quest For Glory style game called Hero-U Rogue to Redemption to the world. Yes after nearly 6 years it’s really finished!!!

As a backer I’ve been given my Steam & GoG keys and have tried it out and am pleased to say I’m not disappointed. There are so many nostalgic QFG elements in this game its amazing!!!

The opening scene takes me right back to robbing the old lady’s house in QFG1. Couldn’t resist saving and then finding all the fun ways to die just like in the original game haha!

I’ll have to update my Hero-U entry in my Quest For Glory section ASAP!

Check out the Trailer here:

Link to Steam page:

Link to GoG page: