Palm Kingdoms & Royal Bounty Series

I’m a huge Heroes of Might & Magic series fan. More so with the classic games then the newer one’s as Ubisoft seems to be ruining the franchise with rushed unfinished releases, budget cuts & incomplete patching leaving us with broken games forever (yet I stupidly keep throwing money at them for the collectors editions :/ ).

On my HoMM website I’d listed Palm Kingdoms (formerly Palm Heroes) & Royal Bounty in my ‘similar to HoMM games’ section for years but had never got around to playing them. However Iosoftware recently decided to release their Palm Kingdoms games for free to attract more fans to their latest game Royal Bounty HD & their up and coming Palm Kingdoms 3 HD game so naturally I couldn’t resist lol!

I’ve gotta say my original expectations were pretty blown away as I became a complete addict playing PK1&2! They look and feel very much like HoMM2 but contain various little improvements either from later HoMM games or totally new and original ideas. The first game required me to get it working on a windows phone emulator but the second one is a PC game and ran just fine (PK2 also contains all the content of PK1). I really enjoyed playing the super XL map ‘The Divine Status’ as there was so much to explore & conquer that it took me days to finish it!

I was so impressed I couldn’t resist buying their newer game Royal Bounty HD on steam as it’s dirt cheap (as I say in the vids it’s pretty much a glass of coke in a bar lol!) and I became even more addicted lol. It drops castle management for a classic King’s Bounty style game however all the graphics are upgraded to HD quality and the game looks great (if you’re a retro fan like me not looking for the big 3D stuff). It’s funny seeing all the people whinging on steam about it being too hard as I pretty much broke the game in the first few hours by upgrading my peasants to money making citizens & becoming insanely rich able to buy & upgrade nearly unlimited troops lol! Guess you’ve gotta be a HoMM4&5 veteran to spot that trick haha.

Looks like all the nice upgraded graphics and gameplay elements from RBHD will be making it into Palm Kingdoms 3 HD. Can’t wait! You can watch PK3’s progress on the Palm Kingdoms facebook page. They’ve had a lot of funding troubles so hopefully they can get it across the finish line!

Here’s some videos I made of PK1&2 going through the races and talking about all the similarities and differences to HoMM if anyone’s interested in checking out the games. With the RBHD videos I rush play through the entire first chapter to give you an idea of the game (I do the peasant trick in part 3).

Palm Kingdoms 1 – Part 1 Video: Introduction & Tutorial Mission.

Palm Kingdoms 1 – Part 2 Video: Tutorial Mission Continued, Tour of all 6 races castles & units (Using the cool ‘Divine Status’ super XL map), & How to get the game working via emulation.

Palm Kingdoms 2 – Part 1 Video: Introduction & Tutorial Mission (note: I’ve since discovered the game looks better at 720p).

Palm Kingdoms 2 – Part 2 Video: Tutorial Mission Continued, Tour of the 6 classic races castles & units (Using the cool ‘Divine Status’ super XL map), & Extended tour of the new & totally original 7th race!

Royal Bounty HD – Part 1 Video: Introduction, Prison Break, & Chapter 1 Forestria Beginning.

Royal Bounty HD – Part 2 Video: Chapter 1 Forestria Continued.

Royal Bounty HD – Part 3 Video: Chapter 1 Forestria Final Stages, Cool Unit Upgrades, Chapter 2 The Lost Scroll Teaser, & Peasant Upgrade MEGA Money Making Trick.


MASSIVE Site Update

Wow.. over 18,000 visitors to Blake’s Sanctum now! And quite a bit of increased traffic to this blog as well! 🙂

I looked at a screenshot of the website that I took at the end of 2014 and saw that there had been around 14,000 visitors over the history of the site at the meaning 4,000 people had visited this site over the last 2 years which was an amazing increase, but then I found another screenshot I took towards the end of 2015 showing the counter at around 15,000 which means that 2015 was just another year for the site and it was in fact this year that things exploded with 3,000 visitors. I have no idea why considering I hadn’t worked on the site since 2014! It hasn’t been a great 2 years in real life, health troubles, a long term relationship breakdown and a few other dramas certainly slowed me down a lot. But I’m back now and have been very busy over the last 3 months working on the site again.

As posted previously I’ve recently released a brand new Star Trek Gaming page which is probably now the largest section on my site with a huge tribute list of fan projects. I then went and updated every other gaming section on the site with new game tributes, better existing game tributes, more screens, more videos, more long lost demos, and navigation upgrades. If you visit your favourite section of the site, odds are you’ll find some new stuff there! 🙂

Thank you everyone for your support, I’m now going to upgrade my youtube channel and then finally release my 2 big mod projects to the world!

Here’s my complete list of changes:

Games Section
Changes made to existing content:
General – Contents menu added.
General – All back buttons changed to utilise HTML bookmarks. Now users don’t have to re-scroll down the entire page constantly! 🙂
General – Fixed some missing slashes in code.

Age of Wonders Series
New AoW related projects found:
Last Days of Old Earth – New game similar to AoW & MoM
Thea: The Awakening – New game similar to AoW & MoM without tactical combat
Dominions Series – Great retro looking series similar to AoW & MoM
Conquest of Elysium Series – Retro looking series (created by Dominions team) similar to AoW & MoM
Armello – New game similar to AoW & MoM without tactical combat
Chaos Reborn – Game similar to AoW, HoMM & King’s Bounty

Changes made to existing AoW content:
General – Contents menu added.
General – All back buttons changed to utilise HTML bookmarks. Now users don’t have to re-scroll down the entire page constantly! 🙂
General – Fixed some missing slashes in code.
General – Added Good Old Games buy links to all games.
AoW1 – Added download link to Community Content pack (heaps of maps & campaigns).

Babylon 5 Games
New B5 related projects added:
Babylon 5 Into The Fire – Someone leaked to the public the original unfinished Sierra game!
Babylon 5 Stardrive – Total Conversion mod for Stardrive. Thankyou to Anibal for the tip!
Babylon 5 Civilization 4 Final Frontier mod – TC mod for Civilization IV Beyond The Sword Final Frontier. THIS is the Babylon 5 galaxy conquering strategy game fans have always wanted!

Changes made to existing B5 content:
General – Contents menu added.
General – All back buttons changed to utilise HTML bookmarks. Now users don’t have to re-scroll down the entire page constantly! 🙂
General – Fixed some missing slashes in code.
General – Added Good Old Games & Steam buy links to mods requiring a base game.

Command & Conquer Series
New C&C related projects added:
C&C All Stars – Cool Tiberium & Red Alert Crossover Total Conversion Mod for C&C Generals.

Changes made to existing C&C content:
General – Contents menu added.
General – All back buttons changed to utilise HTML bookmarks. Now users don’t have to re-scroll down the entire page constantly! 🙂
General – Fixed some missing slashes in code.
RA2 – Added Good Old Games vote links.
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Heroes of Might & Magic 7 Release

Hi guys,

The moment has finally come, the latest game in my long loved Heroes of Might & Magic Series, Might & Magic Heroes 7 is being released. Hopefully it will end up much better than Heroes 6 which turned off a lot of fans (I’m still yet to finish it and do a tribute page on my website due to its nasty bugs Ubisoft & Limbic just friggin LEFT in the game). It certainly looks pretty good and appears to be highly customizable which should lead to some awesome total conversion fan made campaigns. The developers themselves have already annouced some cool addons set in the old Heroes 1-4 worlds with some characters we loved and say more will come. Very much looking forward to this part!

In the last few weeks they’ve released some good videos. I’ll post them below for fans who haven’t seen them.

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Heroes of Might & Magic 3 HD remake!!!

And even more exciting news is that while we wait for the new Heroes of Might & Magic 5, Ubisoft have announced something that fans have been asking for for a long time. A remake of Heroes 3 in high definition!!! Sadly its just the base game without the addons (apparently NWC only gave them the source code for the original game lol) but nevertheless it should be very nice. Check out the previews below!

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Heroes of Might & Magic Section Updated Again!

Okay maybe I wasn’t finished updating my Heroes of Might & Magic section lol! While working on another section I realised there were still several cool things I hadn’t put in my HoMM section yet. Custom cursors and tributes to all the awesome fan made Heroes games and mods out there! Visit my Heroes page to check them all out, I’ll stick some pics below. Also I’ve had Protectors of the Earth stuck in my head ever since Ubisoft used it in the recent Heroes 7 trailer so I’ve stuck the song below for your enjoyment.

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Heroes of Might & Magic section upgrade

The site upgrade continues! This time I’ve worked on my Heroes of Might & Magic section adding many more games similar to HoMM in gameplay style. I’ve now also done full tribute pages to Heroes Chronicles and the rare HoMM 1 & 2 for Nintendo Game Boy games. And I’ve stuck in some custom HoMM mouse cursors as for some reason I’d forgotten to ever do them in this section.

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Might & Magic Heroes 7 Announced! (BACKDATED NEWS – 18/08/2014)

BACKDATED NEWS – 18/08/2014

DRUM ROLL!! Might & Magic Heroes 7 (Or Heroes of Might & Magic for the oldschool fans) has been announced!!! After Heroes 6 failed to excite fans and make a lot of money I was worried the series was dead again however Ubisoft’s giving it another go. I’m filled with excitement again as this time it’s being made by Limbic Entertainment who are responsible for fixing Heroes 6’s bugs (after Black Hole Entertainment died), and cool DLC map packs set in the original M&M universe (Enroth, Varn & Xeen), and successfully bringing back from the dead the classic Might & Magic series with Might & Magic X – Legacy, so it should be in good hands as these guys really care about the oldschool M&M content & gameplay. The Screenshots in this Joystiq article and especially the IGN Gameplay demo video showing off the game using the Unreal 3 Engine looks amazing. I love it in the catapult battle how titans were walking around in the background destroying buildings, adds to the tension and excitement of the battle. The map ‘events’ were awesome too eg titans destroying buildings, catapults destroying titans, snow falling, avalanches, draining lakes, blasting forcefields etc.. & the castle battle at the end wow! Ubisoft have created a New MMH7 Website where you can vote on which races will be in the game (hopefully the ones that don’t make it will come in addon packs like in the old days), so get over there and vote! 🙂

Might & Magic X Announced! (BACKDATED NEWS – 16/06/2013)

BACKDATED NEWS – 16/06/2013

Some great stuff has happened since my last update! Firstly Ubisoft (creators of Heroes of Might & Magic) clearly watching the retro gaming take off on Kickstarter have FINALLY decided to make Might & Magic 10! The game is a full 3D RPG like the previous ones however what’s even more interesting is that they’ve decided to go with the controls & tile gameplay style of World of Xeen & the older M&M games! Check out the screenshots & videos at the official site.

Also in the world of Might & Magic, more screenshots of the coming ‘Might & Magic: Heroes Online’ have been released, it appears they are focusing on making it as close to the singleplayer Heroes of Might & Magic experience as possible which is a good thing! A bit overdue but I’ve added Heroes Online into my Heroes of Might & Magic section with links to their beta site!

Might & Magic X

Heroes Of Might & Magic Online

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XEEN & ENROTH DLC for Might & Magic Heroes 6 (BACKDATED NEWS – 27/02/2013)

BACKDATED NEWS – 27/02/2013

Some more Heroes of Might & Magic news has come along. As previously posted by me Ubisoft announced a new Heroes 6 addon ‘Shades of Darkness’ last year re-adding the missing Dungeon overlord race to the game but now they’re also releasing some great DLC tributing the old Might & Magic universe giving us adventures in Xeen (Might & Magic 4-5) & Enroth (World of Heroes 1-3 and Might & Magic 6-8)!