All Photobucket image links failing at Blake’s Sanctum

Hey guys,

More lousy news concerning my website Blake’s Sanctum. I’ve previously reported how I accidentally broke all my Onedrive picture & download links on my website. Well I’ve since fixed all of them however Onedrive only hosted a fraction of my websites images and the hundreds of others were hosted on Photobucket.

The problem with this is that Photobucket have slowly been sliding into decline over the last 6 or 7 years with super slow loading times and unstable pages. Then they threw their ‘free hosting with advertising’ strategy in the trash and switched to a ‘force all free members to switch to a expensive paid model’ strategy and wondered why everyone left lol. As a result all old image hosting accounts including mine were disabled meaning nearly all images on Blake’s Sanctum went down. Even the poor people who elected to pay for a membership still had all their external links broken while fees went up and up. Check out their wikipedia page if you want to see just how much of a sh*tshow it’s all been. Now their address has changed (probably due to all the bad press lol) and I suspect it’s only a matter of time before they disappear for good. What a sad ending to a once great site that so many people used.

Anyway this was a HUGE blow to Blake’s Sanctum as I probably have several thousand images across the site hosted at Photobucket. Fortunately I’ve always kept my thumbnails hosted with the website files so from an outward appearance Blake’s Sanctum looks fine, it’s just went you click on those thumbnail pictures that the problems reveal themselves.

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Official Master of Magic REMAKE Announced!!!

Oh My God!! After 25 years of nothing it really is an amazing time for us diehard Master of Magic fans! There I was a week ago getting excited about Seravy’s new Caster of Magic 2 for Windows release and now something even more amazing has been announced, as we finally have confirmation of the Slitherine mystery project I’ve posted about here before! Slitherine are working with Thea series creators MuHa games on a Official Master of Magic Remake!!! You can find the announcement videos (they’ve remade the old intro!), some nice pictures, and game info on their new steam page here!
And on the GoG page too!

But of course I’ll post a few below here too! 🙂

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