Wonder Boy Asha in Monster World 4 Remake (The series is back again!)

Before I became huge PC gamer I was a Sega kid who in the early 1990s had a Sega Master System and then later a Sega MegaDrive/Genesis. I loved many Master System games (Alex Kidd, Asterix, Sonic, Star Wars & many of the Disney ones) however my absolute favourite was Wonder Boy in Monster Land. It may have been the first ever RPG I played and if not then certainly the first I ever owned. I used to hire the sequels from the local video stores and decades later would finally buy them and add them to my physical collection (although Monster World 4 was only released in Japan sadly). In the end a total of 4 Monster World RPG games were made (not including the original Wonder Boy or all the crazy spin offs haha). However it always made me sad that after the mid 90s this great series became abandoned, forgotten about and lost in a legal limbo (due to multiple rights holders disagreeing) for so long.

However a few years ago everything changed when Lizardcube & DotEmu teamed up to make the utterly awesome Wonder Boy 3 The Dragon’s Trap Remake and then Game Atelier & FDG Entertainment teamed up to make an actual friggin sequel to the series with the amazing Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom. They worked with some of the original creators to ensure their new vision remained faithful and paved the way for yet another new game. As now G-Choice & ININ Games have teamed up to release the super cool Wonder Boy Asha in Monster World 4 Remake and it looks great! Check out the video below guys! Fingers crossed this will all finally lead to a remake of my beloved Wonder Boy in Monster Land one day too (although fans are filling the gap with some cool stuff in the meantime)!

PC: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1420080/Wonder_Boy_Asha_in_Monster_World/
Consoles: https://wonderboy.iningames.com/

Betrayed Alliance 2 (Sierra Hero Quest/QFG1 EGA like game)

I’ve been following this guy’s retro work for a while now as it’s amazing. Betrayed Alliance 2 looks like real love letter to those of us who played Hero Quest / Quest for Glory 1 (& other EGA Sierra games of that time) back in the day, it even has the RPG combat stuff too. This game is actually a sequel as the original BA1 game was released a few years back and is free to download from his site. I think this sequel will be free too as he just does it for the love of it.