Conquests of Might & Magic 3 – HoMM3 Mod For Civilization 3

Woah!!! I’m a huge Civ and HoMM series fan so how the hell did I not know about this lol!!!

Conquests of Might & Magic 3 – Civilization 3 Mod


I’ll have to add this to my HoMM Similar Games & Big Mods Website as this guy has created an amazing mod called Conquests of Might & Magic 3 – Civilization 3 Mod that completely converts Civilization 3’s UI, graphics, units, techs, factions etc to be in the Heroes of Might and Magic universe. Looks like he’s gone in a very HoMM3 direction (with a bit of HoMM4) which is cool. I’ve mucked around with a few Civ3 mods in my time and I’ve never seen so many elements changed so much. He’s even got HoMM3 unit upgrades in there lol! Obviously being a Civ game we’re not going to get HoMM style zoomed in combat but his mod allows for some very fun situations eg being able to colonize/make new cities, farm the lands and expand all over huge worlds effectively carving out your own story. Basically a more sandboxy global HoMM3 haha!

Annoyingly most of his picture links are dead but thankfully I found some working one’s which I’ll stick below. I don’t think he’s working on it anymore however from the sound of things in his thread he’s actually finished it! If he still visits CivFanatics I might try and talk him into making a ModDB page.

Project Link:

UPDATE: I have tested the mod and posted about it HERE!
UPDATE2: Now there’s a HoMM2 Civ2 mod I’ve posted about HERE!

Quotes from picture posts I found at CivFanatics:

tom2050 wrote:
Game Screenshots:Gameplay
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