THANK YOU! Blake’s Sanctum hits the big 50 thousand!

Hey guys, just want to post a big THANK YOU to all my visitors and fans! Blake’s Sanctum has recently passed the big 50,000 visitors mark! Which judging by my last counter related post 10months ago where it was at 41,500 it means we’re well on well on track for the usual 10-12 thousand a year visitor count which is great considering the lack of work I’ve done on the site. I mean I’ve actually been doing plenty of work on it but just not publicly lol! My big new WIP Civilization section that was meant to be a 6mth project is now at the 1.5 year mark and shows no signs of being done anytime soon lol. I’m creating a huge amount of video+web content and am working on several Civ mods and scenarios. I can’t wait to start properly showing off all the amazing content I’ve created as it will truly be the largest addition yet to the website and youtube channel but the release is still a while away yet sadly! I have been doing some small updates across the site though as Chrome is about to completely drop Flash support which will stop all my music so I’m slowly rolling out HTML5 audio across the site instead. My main image hosting site Photobucket have also cutoff all direct image linking for free members so I’ve gotta fix ALL my image links which is NOT a fun job lol. Will hopefully have it all sorted in the next few weeks.

As for this blog it’s visitor count continues to explode at an even faster rate than the main website! It’s closing in on 25,000 visitors and should hit it in the next week or 2! 🙂 Considering it was at 15,000 10 months ago it has definitely outpaced the main site which is amazing as for the first few years of this blog no one was visiting it haha.

My youtube channel subscriber count is now up to 511 which is 194 up from this time last year which really shows the growth of the channel as I’ve almost doubled my subscriber base in a year and half which is wonderful. I’m now over half way there to that elusive 1000 subs quest so many of us small timers are after. I haven’t released many videos this year due to the fore mentioned Civ project taking longer than planned but I kid you not I’ve got hours of video footage recorded just waiting to be polished up and uploaded. I can’t wait to get it all finished (then I also don’t have have to worry about losing it in some hard drive failure lol).

Anyway thanks again everyone!

Dominus Galaxia – A Love Letter To Master Of Orion 1

I spent endless hours playing Master of Orion 1 in the 90s so this sounds good! Free early release you can play right now.. love letter to MOO1.. infinite techs.. dynamic AI.. wormhole/starlane game or not.. super customizable UI & gameplay. Good stuff!

This guy has a done a nice gameplay vid of the early release:

Here’s some screenshots: