New Master of Magic – Legacy Games Section

Yes the time has finally come for a brand new section in the site. I’d originally planned to spend a few weeks updating all the old sections and then work on 3 big news ones. However the updates became so extensive that its taken me nearly 3 months! My interest is starting to burn out and I’m hell keen to get back to gaming so I’ve decided to do only 2 big new sections this year as this one was almost done anyway.

The first is a Master of Magic section! The great turn based fantasy strategy classic that inspired so many other great game series out there. Also one of the saddest gaming histories as this great successful game never got the sequel it deserved. Simtex and Microprose made 2 attempts to do a sequel but both fell through and never got finished. Once Atari got the rights to the game they have since never let anyone work on it demanding too much money from any studio asking.

So as I usually do I did a big tribute to the game and then looked to the fan community and across the MoM genre of games to find a lot of great stuff out there. The spirit of MoM lives on in many great games series like Warlock, Endless Legend, Elemental, Eador and Age of Wonders all turning into successful series franchises using the MoM forumla. There are more games, mods and great fan projects out there that I’ve found too.

So if you’re a Master of Magic go check out my page to see them all and let me know if there’s more I’ve missed!

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Quest For Glory Maps

Hey everyone! One final post before I take a step back from working on my Quest For Glory gaming page for another year or 2 heh. I’ve finally finished my QFG maps! I started these back in 2010 but got lazy and didn’t finish them… until now! I realise there’s plenty of maps already out there since the 90s but they are all different and of varying quality so I wanted to make my own with a more uniform look, I even included a few fan games too. Feel free to ‘beta-test’ them with your next playthroughs and let me know if I stuffed anything up LOL! 😛

Here they are below:
(Note: they are also accessible via my QFG1-4 & fan game tribute pages and are now also over at GameFAQs too)

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Quest For Glory Section Updated!

That is it!! Its taken me months but I have finished updating every section of the site. Took a lot longer than planned by I’m very proud of all the extra work I put in. Every section of the site has more content, depth and beauty to it now!

But as for my Quest For Glory Series section it has recived a huge update as I unexpectedly came across not 1, 2 or 3 but SEVEN new QFG fan game projects I did not know about. Amazing stuff! Some of them are really cool and I’ll stick some pics below! Also made a lot of upgrades to the existing pages. Enjoy!

For specific changes list go HERE.

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Quest For Glory Slideshows

The final section update begins! For those that have visited my Quest For Glory Series section at Blake’s Sanctum or chatted with me on various forums you’d know that I spent 2010-2012 on & off completing all 5 QFG games with all 3 character types taking many pictures to build my tribute pages. Its always bugged me that I took so many pictures of cool/beautiful stuff from the games that didn’t make it on to my site so much like with my Dune, Freelancer & Elder Scrolls sections I thought it’d be fun to make some QFG 1-5 slideshows for QFG page with some of my favourite songs from the games.

Here are the 5 videos below:

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