Awesome Retro 80s Future Synth Music Playlists

Thanks to the awesome Tron Legacy Soundtrack by Daft Punk, the utterly amazing Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Soundtrack by Power Glove and the cool retro Kung Fury Soundtrack by various synth artists I’ve really become addicted to retro 1980s Futuristic Synth style music over the last year in all its many formats such as SynthWave, FutureSynth, Retro Electro, DarkSynth, ViolentSynth, HardcoreSynth, RetroWave, Outrun, and ChillWave. If you’re at work and need to get a lot of stuff done the faster and darker hardcore Synth stuff can really get you pumping haha while the slower chilled retro synth stuff makes great background music when you’re relaxing at home or driving at night. Hearing these songs can take your mind back to cool 1980s scifi future films and great old video games you grew up playing. The playlists are often accompanied by cool images and animations of eerie blue and purple landscapes containing retro futuristic cars and cities.

Here’s some of my favourite playlists…

Ragnarok Synth Playlist

Back to the 80s vol7 Synth Mix
(Full playlist)

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New Starflight 1 Remake Game in 2018!!

Wow! We just hit 37,000 visits at Blake’s Sanctum guys! Amazing! Anyway after years of nothing it’s certainly a cool time to be a Starflight fan at the moment as there’s plenty going on (so much that I better update my Starflight Website)! Not only are we now finally getting an Official Starflight 3 Game by original Starflight 1&2 developer Greg Johnson but now one of the members of the Starflight 3 Facebook Group discovered an absolute gem and posted it in the group. A man named Marvin who used to work for friggin Bethesda and now owns a software company is working on a open source unofficial Starflight 1 HD remake in Unity and oh boy does it look good! Let’s get over to his site and show our support! 🙂

Starflight Remake blog:

Starflight Remake IndieDB Page:

Starflight Remake Fan Forum:



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