Dune Games Section Update

Another section update conquered! Only 1 to go after this! My Dune Games section has probably received one of the biggest update of them all due to a lot of messages from Dune fans telling me about more fan games/mods out there. My list of tributes has almost doubled there’s some really awesome projects out there that I missed the first time around like Dune Dynasty (A high Res Dune 2 port that you can install fan campaigns like Super D2 Classic & D2 eXtended into!) and OpenRA (an amazing project remaking Dune2k + C&C + Red Alert into one big multiplayer game!). Go check it out! 🙂

For specific changes list go HERE.

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Babylon 5 Games Update

Turned my attention to my Babylon 5 Fan Games section which I hadn’t touched in years! A lot of the fan project websites had gone down, but I was able to locate most of them on web archive although sadly I think some demos were lost! Some videos were lost too but fortunately I had my own copies of them so I’ve stuck them up on youtube for B5 gaming fans to enjoy and never forget the hard work those modders put into their games.

For specific changes list go HERE.

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Starflight 3 Section Update

Updated my Starflight Series Section! The download links keep going up and down so I thought I’d provide some alternative archived mirrors which still have the games for download.

A helpful fan told me on youtube about how the new team had a released a pile of test videos a few years ago on youtube for their new 3D version of Starflight 3. There are many of them covering launching, spaceflight, and landing on planets! The author hasn’t exactly put a lot of effort to names & categories so I’ve hunted them all down and created a playlist on my Starflight 3 page for fans to enjoy them all!

Here’s the playlist (PLEASE NOTE: WordPress isn’t letting me share the playlist by the 2nd video so since I put my SF3 video as the 1st video in the playlist you’ll need to skip it to see the new stuff)

Games similar to Elder Scrolls

Every time I think I’ve finished updating a section I have another idea that takes me back to them lol! This time it was listing similar games in my Elder Scrolls Series section like what I’ve done in many of my other game sections. There’s some great stunningly huge & detailed RPG’s out there with the ‘do what whatever you want, go wherever you want’ philosophy of Elder Scrolls so I thought I should pay tribute to them and encourage Elder Scrolls players to check them out! So far I’ve added Gothic, Witcher & Fable! No doubt more will come!

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Morrowind Overhaul

Speaking of Elder Scrolls I’ve been meaning to post some utterly amazing videos out there from the Morrowind Overhaul project which combines many mods out there to create a super modern looking version of Morrowind that rivals Oblivion & even Skyrim in some areas. Even if you’ve finished the game like me seeing these videos will make you want to re-install the old game again haha!

You can download the complete overhaul install file from their website HERE.

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Elder Scrolls Morrowind Videos

The website updates continue. This time I applied a few small updates to my Elder Scrolls Section and decided to make some slideshows of my 5 year Morrowind journey as there were many pictures I didn’t post on the website so I thought why not make a slideshow with some nice music!

Part 1 is from first 3 years of the journey where I explored all of Morrowind, and part 2 is from the later 2 years where I explored and completed the 2 addon packs.

Heroes of Might & Magic Section Updated Again!

Okay maybe I wasn’t finished updating my Heroes of Might & Magic section lol! While working on another section I realised there were still several cool things I hadn’t put in my HoMM section yet. Custom cursors and tributes to all the awesome fan made Heroes games and mods out there! Visit my Heroes page to check them all out, I’ll stick some pics below. Also I’ve had Protectors of the Earth stuck in my head ever since Ubisoft used it in the recent Heroes 7 trailer so I’ve stuck the song below for your enjoyment.

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