Atari making Master of Magic Remake or Sequel in 2019?

Hey guys!

As well as my big Master of Magic fan tribute website I also run the Master of Magic fans facebook group and one of my members has informed me of some interesting activity. Only ONE month ago Atari (back from the dead) put in application on the MoM trademark which can be seen here:

I thought Atari were out of the game publishing thing and were doing casino apps and their VCS console but I now see they are back in game publishing these days and were involved with the recent Blood re-release and appear to have their hands in the pots of a few other retro series. And it’s been pointed out to me that their current CEO Fred Chesnais was once running the show at Mircropose..

So what are they up to with the MoM trademark application then I wonder.. could Atari be planning to make a new MoM game in 2019?

I’ve tweeted the Atari CEO about the discovery. They will no doubt ignore it but feel free to comment & like it which should pester them even more haha 

As a longtime diehard MoM fan the stories of failed MoM sequels and lost opportunities over the last 2 decades are so frustrating. Even in the fan community there’s nothing solid eg Civilization has FreeCiv, Colonization has FreeCol, Master of Orion has FreeOrion and they all have official sequels too of course. MoM has no official sequels and the only fan made remake to come even close was the open source Master of Magic HD Implodes Multiplayer Edition remake which sadly appears to be abandoned by the one guy left working on it. 😦

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