Netbash 1 & 2! Retro Gaming Multiplayer LAN Videos

Hey everyone πŸ™‚

I don’t know about you guys but when I was a young man in the late 90s and early 2000s I loved meeting up with 3 or 4 mates, getting some booze & bad take away food, bringing our computers over and playing multiplayer games like Command & Conquer, Unreal Tournament, Counterstrike, and Civilization just to name a few. We nicknamed them ‘netbashes’ and had many over those years but sadly for whatever reason (grew up, got jobs, got girlfriends etc) we stopped doing them after 2001ish.

Well in 2017 we decided to bring back the netbash (possibly due to an early midlife crisis haha) and relive our youth playing some of these great old games. Thanks to the fan gaming and modding community its easier than ever to play some of these classic games on modern machines. OpenRA in particular is just an utterly brilliant and addictive way to relive C&C and Dune gaming. Since I already had a website and youtube channel devoted to retro gaming and mods I decided to start filming some of our netbash games to improve the content. Below are some of the videos of these great fan remakes and mods of great classic games!

Netbash 0 – NYE 2016
Didn’t have any New Years Eve plans for the first time ever (getting old lol) so I met up with my mate James to have dinner and drinks. After dinner we randomly decided to connect 2 computers and play some old games. The netbash was back! Although sadly I didn’t do any videos as this was totally unplanned lol!
Bash 0 naughty meal of choice: Outdoor BBQ Feast!

Netbash 1 – February 2017
James & I decided to test more games in preparation for a bigger netbash with more mates. After many painful hours we got the Red Alert 2 mod for the OpenRA development version working! We failed to get the Dune 2 classic mod working though. We then went on to have a really fun Tiberian Sun team game.
Bash 1 naughty meal of choice: Salsa’s Fresh Mex Grill!

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Dune 2 HD Remakes Comparison & Skirmish Matches

Hi guys,

I’ve been busily working on some fun new video content for my big Dune Games section. I have installed the latest versions of all the big Dune 2 fan remakes and created videos giving a brief tour of their features and then (badly lol) played a skirmish match in each to put them through their paces.

OpenRA Dune 2 Classic Mod
Probably the most recent and rarely seen Dune 2 remake. OpenRA (a C&C and Red Alert engine rebuild) is extremely popular but because this mod only works with the Github development version of OpenRA it’s half impossible to get working. With some help from the devs my friends & I finally got it working. However our multiplayer match was over way too quickly so I decided to do a longer skirmish game to check out end game buildings & units too.

Dune 2 Legacy
By far the greatest Dune 2 remake of them all. Great graphical options, 3 sub houses (Fremen, Sardukar, Mercs), a map editor and loads of skirmish/multiplayer maps. They’ve added the Super Dune 2 Missions with new improved briefings so really the only feature still missing is support for Dune eXtended missions.

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MASSIVE Site Update

Wow.. over 18,000 visitors to Blake’s Sanctum now! And quite a bit of increased traffic to this blog as well! πŸ™‚

I looked at a screenshot of the website that I took at the end of 2014 and saw that there had been around 14,000 visitors over the history of the site at the meaning 4,000 people had visited this site over the last 2 years which was an amazing increase, but then I found another screenshot I took towards the end of 2015 showing the counter at around 15,000 which means that 2015 was just another year for the site and it was in fact this year that things exploded with 3,000 visitors. I have no idea why considering I hadn’t worked on the site since 2014! It hasn’t been a great 2 years in real life, health troubles, a long term relationship breakdown and a few other dramas certainly slowed me down a lot. But I’m back now and have been very busy over the last 3 months working on the site again.

As posted previously I’ve recently released a brand new Star Trek Gaming page which is probably now the largest section on my site with a huge tribute list of fan projects. I then went and updated every other gaming section on the site with new game tributes, better existing game tributes, more screens, more videos, more long lost demos, and navigation upgrades. If you visit your favourite section of the site, odds are you’ll find some new stuff there! πŸ™‚

Thank you everyone for your support, I’m now going to upgrade my youtube channel and then finally release my 2 big mod projects to the world!

Here’s my complete list of changes:

Games Section
Changes made to existing content:
General – Contents menu added.
General – All back buttons changed to utilise HTML bookmarks. Now users don’t have to re-scroll down the entire page constantly! πŸ™‚
General – Fixed some missing slashes in code.

Age of Wonders Series
New AoW related projects found:
Last Days of Old Earth – New game similar to AoW & MoM
Thea: The Awakening – New game similar to AoW & MoM without tactical combat
Dominions Series – Great retro looking series similar to AoW & MoM
Conquest of Elysium Series – Retro looking series (created by Dominions team) similar to AoW & MoM
Armello – New game similar to AoW & MoM without tactical combat
Chaos Reborn – Game similar to AoW, HoMM & King’s Bounty

Changes made to existing AoW content:
General – Contents menu added.
General – All back buttons changed to utilise HTML bookmarks. Now users don’t have to re-scroll down the entire page constantly! πŸ™‚
General – Fixed some missing slashes in code.
General – Added Good Old Games buy links to all games.
AoW1 – Added download link to Community Content pack (heaps of maps & campaigns).

Babylon 5 Games
New B5 related projects added:
Babylon 5 Into The Fire – Someone leaked to the public the original unfinished Sierra game!
Babylon 5 Stardrive – Total Conversion mod for Stardrive. Thankyou to Anibal for the tip!
Babylon 5 Civilization 4 Final Frontier mod – TC mod for Civilization IV Beyond The Sword Final Frontier. THIS is the Babylon 5 galaxy conquering strategy game fans have always wanted!

Changes made to existing B5 content:
General – Contents menu added.
General – All back buttons changed to utilise HTML bookmarks. Now users don’t have to re-scroll down the entire page constantly! πŸ™‚
General – Fixed some missing slashes in code.
General – Added Good Old Games & Steam buy links to mods requiring a base game.

Command & Conquer Series
New C&C related projects added:
C&C All Stars – Cool Tiberium & Red Alert Crossover Total Conversion Mod for C&C Generals.

Changes made to existing C&C content:
General – Contents menu added.
General – All back buttons changed to utilise HTML bookmarks. Now users don’t have to re-scroll down the entire page constantly! πŸ™‚
General – Fixed some missing slashes in code.
RA2 – Added Good Old Games vote links.
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DUNE: The Insanely Complete 3-Hour Fan Cut

Woah! How did I not know about this!! While this piece of news is not directly related to my big new Dune Games section tributing all known Dune related games and mods I have to post about this incredible discovery!! A Superfan has painstakingly cut together his own 3hr cut of the original Dune film. I love Dune but the theatrical cut is too short and weird and confusing, while the extended cut makes much more sense but is poor visual quality and filled with cheap repetitive cuts of the same ships.

This fan claims to have fixed that! Well I’ve only watched about 15mins of it so far but I can already see the differences! He’s inserted even more deleted scenes and cut out some of those awful extended version repeat shots (eg their constant use of a harkonen ship for ever other factions flying scenes lol). He’s used the recent high quality dvd re-release of the extended version (instead of the god awful vhs copied to dvd release we’ve had for years) so the quality is pretty darn good!

Go check it out!

DUNE: The Insanely Complete 3-Hour Fan Cut – SF Signal Article

EDIT: Grrr Vimeo has taken his video down for breach of copyright. The author is currently working on finding a new home, as well as an even better quality cut. This is his facebook page if you want to keep an eye on his progress.

EDIT 2: Sadly a bunch of annoying people seem to be targeting this excellent fan cut just because they prefer some other cut that’s closer to the books instead of David Lynch’s vision. Why can’t both exist? I do not understand why some people want to cause so much trouble for the author of this as he should be praised for his hard work. Despite all the problems the author has managed to get a torrent working here:
DUNE: The Insanely Complete 3-Hour Fan Cut Torrent

Dune Games Section Update

Another section update conquered! Only 1 to go after this! My Dune Games section has probably received one of the biggest update of them all due to a lot of messages from Dune fans telling me about more fan games/mods out there. My list of tributes has almost doubled there’s some really awesome projects out there that I missed the first time around like Dune Dynasty (A high Res Dune 2 port that you can install fan campaigns like Super D2 Classic & D2 eXtended into!) and OpenRA (an amazing project remaking Dune2k + C&C + Red Alert into one big multiplayer game!). Go check it out! πŸ™‚

For specific changes list go HERE.

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Dune Game Videos (BACKDATED NEWS – 15/01/2014)

BACKDATED NEWS – 15/01/2014

Next I made some videos for my Dune Games section that people may not have seen before. The first is the intro to Dune 1, most people started with Dune 2 and never saw how it all began, Dune 1 is an excellent hybrid adventure & strategy game. The second is a awesome modded version of Dune 2 called the ‘eXtended Edition’ that is a sequel/spin off of sorts to Super Dune 2 where you can play as the Sardukar, Mercenaries or Fremen each with their own story campaigns and unique units.

New Dune Games Section (BACKDATED NEWS – 25/12/2013)

BACKDATED NEWS – 25/12/2013

THE SLEEPER HAS AWOKEN! Yes for those fans who caught on to my earlier hints I have finished a new Dune Games section with a David Lynch film theme & I have tributed all the Dune games with the usual music, animation, pics, videos & walkthroughs. I also decided to tribute some of the great fan made dune games out there too. Go check it out! πŸ™‚

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Site Updates & 9,000 visitors! (BACKDATED NEWS – 16/06/2013)

BACKDATED NEWS – 16/06/2013

YAY 9,000 visitors! Although with all the counter problems I’ve had over the last 10years it wouldn’t surprise me if it should be well over 10k by now but oh well lol! Anyway I’ve made lots of mini updates to the site, I mainly built this site for fellow fans of the games I love but I’ve since realised I should also make it more compatible with people who haven’t played the games before, so now all game tributes contain a links to places you can buy them nice & cheap like Good Old Games or Steam. So now when someone sees one of my game tributes & thinks “oooh I want that” now they CAN easily have it lol. While making these changes all over the site I also made some other little fixes & additions here & there.

“The sleeper has awoken!!” πŸ˜‰ I’m back working on a big new Sci-fi game series tribute section for the site, may take me a month or 2 to finish though as I’m about to return to my ‘2nd life’ in Elder Scrolls for a while!