New StarFlight Game in 2019: StarFlight Heroes of Arth

Amazing! After the awesome announcements last year of Marvin’s Starflight 1 remake project and Greg Johnson’s official Starflight 3 sequel in the making you’d think the Starflight universe had nothing left to give yet another Starflight fan game has arrived!

This time it’s Starflight Heroes of Arth, a SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive style total conversion mod for Starflight The Lost Colony created by another talented member of the Starflight Fan Facebook Group, John Weaver. This is very exciting news to me as making a Genesis graphics mod for TLC is something I’ve always wanted to do but lacked the time, talent and patience lol! Thankfully John has those qualities and has already released an early WIP version of his mod to the public. Because this mod was also a dream of mine too I couldn’t resist helping and have been making up some background images for him!

Starflight Heroes of Arth IndieDB Page:

Starflight Heroes of Arth Fan Forum:

WIP Screenshots


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