New Starflight 1 Remake Game in 2018!!

Wow! We just hit 37,000 visits at Blake’s Sanctum guys! Amazing! Anyway after years of nothing it’s certainly a cool time to be a Starflight fan at the moment as there’s plenty going on (so much that I better update my Starflight Website)! Not only are we now finally getting an Official Starflight 3 Game by original Starflight 1&2 developer Greg Johnson but now one of the members of the Starflight 3 Facebook Group discovered an absolute gem and posted it in the group. A man named Marvin who used to work for friggin Bethesda and now owns a software company is working on a open source unofficial Starflight 1 HD remake in Unity and oh boy does it look good! Let’s get over to his site and show our support! 🙂

Starflight Remake blog:

Starflight Remake IndieDB Page:

Starflight Remake Fan Forum:



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