Starflight The Lost Colony 2.0 Release in 2019!

I was not sure if this day would come but after 5 years of (re)development (started by Jon Harbour and finished by Steve Wirsz) I’m pleased to announce a brand new opensource version 2.0 release of Starflight The Lost Colony!!!

To date still the only finished Starflight fan game in existence. However a LOT of large changes have been made to the code (almost a rewrite) which has likely created a LOT of nasty bugs that need finding so we NEED alpha testers!

So please follow this link to Steve’s forums where you’ll find download links and more information. Those with a keen/curious eye will also noticed Steve’s old TLC forums are undergoing a massive expansion (with my help) to cater for all starflight official and fan project discussions & news, but more on that will be announced later.

Here’s a video I made last year of the OLD version of Starflight TLC:

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