Dune Games Website Section Updated!

Another section update conquered! Only 1 to go after this! My Dune Games section has probably received one of the biggest update of them all due to a lot of messages from Dune fans telling me about more fan games/mods out there. My list of tributes has almost doubled there’s some really awesome projects out there that I missed the first time around like Dune Dynasty (A high Res Dune 2 port that you can install fan campaigns like Super D2 Classic & D2 eXtended into!) and OpenRA (an amazing project remaking Dune2k + C&C + Red Alert into one big multiplayer game!). Go check it out! 🙂

Website Preview:

Pictures From Website:

Website Updates:
Games Added:
Dune Dynasty – Enhanced Dune II Reconstruction
OpenRA – Dune2k + C&C + Red Alert Remake
Dune200XX – Total Conversion Mod for C&C3
Battle for Dune: War of Assassins – C&C Renegades Style Dune Game
Dune – Raiders of Arrakis – Russian RPG TC Mod for Warcraft 3
Dune Adventure Game – Point & Click Dune I Style Sequel
Emperor Chronicles: Rise of the Corrino Empire – Dune2k Addon
Planet Arrakis – Dune II Online Remake
Dune: Evolution – Total Conversion Mod for C&C3
Dune: War of the Spice – Dune Remake via Unreal 3 Engine
Dune Tribes – TC Mod for Starsiege Tribes
Total Annihilation Dune – TC Mod for Total Annihilation
Dune Returns – TC Mod for Unreal Tournament 3
Dune 3: Return of the Guild (Formerly Return to Arrakis) – Amiga Dune II Sequel
OD2 – Dune II Remake
Neverwinter Nights Dune – TC Mod for Neverwinter Nights
Dune Desert Power – TC Mod for Battlefield 1942
Dune 2000: Spice World – TC Mod for Warcraft 3

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