Official Starflight 3 in 2018!!!!!

******************11/09/2018 UPDATE******************

Fig Campaign has gone public and there’s a genuine risk Greg Johnson’s team will NOT meet the funding required in time! They need our help!! More details here:

******************11/09/2018 UPDATE******************

This is crazy guys!! Regular followers will know that I’ve posted content about the fan made Starflight 3 project for years here and on my Starflight Website but sadly that project never got finished. However this week a fan posted over on the Starflight 3 Facebook Group about an official SF3 sequel coming!!

What’s really interesting is that it appears to involve original Starflight 1 & 2 lead designer Greg Johnson!!

They’ve started a ‘kickstarter like’ funding campaign over on Fig. The campaign is currently not public yet as they are assessing interest:

So let’s get over there and add our support! 🙂

Guess I better add this to my Starflight related games list page asap haha!

2 comments on “Official Starflight 3 in 2018!!!!!

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