Quest for Glory IV 3D (GZDoom Hexen mod) Announcement

The time has finally come to announce the first of my 2 big projects that I’ve been secretly working on over the last 2 years, Quest for Glory IV 3D!

QFG4 3D is a total conversion single player 19 map mod for the classic game Hexen with the ZDoom enhancement. The mod contains new levels, textures, decoration, weapons, monsters, NPCs, cutscenes, music & sounds taking players on an old-school linear 3D action adventure set in the world and story of the great classic Sierra game Quest for Glory IV – Shadows of Darkness. I worked on QFG4 3D to retrain myself in Doom editing skills so I could return to my old labor of love, the Star Trek Doom Project (GZDoom Doom 2 mod).

Before anyone else says it I’d like to say that QFG4 doesn’t need to be in 3D, nor is my project an attempt to convert every single part of the game to 3D (if you want to do everything in QFG4 then go play QFG4 haha). I created QFG4 3D just for fun and to see if I could actually do it lol. Plus it was rather fun to create new areas/views not seen in the original game (eg I show more of the town & give you 360 degree views of each original game location). So if others happen to enjoy this project too then that’s a bonus, but if you’re not a fan of retro gaming & graphics then this probably isn’t going to be of much interest to you.

I used the old Hexen/Doom engine as I lack the graphic & programming talents to use a modern game engine, plus I wanted it to retain the look at feel of the era when QFG4 came out. However the ZDoom/GZDoom extension updates the old engine quite a bit to use true 3D, OpenGL effects & now in 2016 it even supports VR! So if you ever wanted to walk around Mordavia as if you’re there then this is your chance (at least until someone else does a much better job haha).

Hope you enjoy this first demo below. Be warned that it will likely be a long time before there’s another demo, I’ve spent nearly 2 years on these 2 projects and have sacrificed a lot. I’m burnt out & want to do other things, including getting back to PLAYING games instead of making them lol!

For more information, more screenshots, animations+descriptions of all weapons & monsters you’ll face, and of course the download links for the demo and required files check out my QFG4 3D websites here:

Quest for Glory IV 3D Hexen Project Homepage
NEW Quest for Glory IV 3D Hexen Project ModDB Page

If you just want to see the game without all the hassle then here’s a playthrough/walkthrough video series I made..

Part 1 – Character Selection, Dark One Cave, Swamp, South Western Forest & Rusalka Lake.

Part 2 – Rusalka Lake, North Western Forest, Borgov Castle Gate, Town Gate, Exploring Town, Burgomeister Office, General Store & Adventurers Guild.

Part 3 – Adventurers Guild, Thieves Guild, Monastery, Monastery Basement, Exploring Town, Dr Cranium’s Lab & Hotel Mordavia.

Part 4 – Hotel Mordavia, Exploring Town at Night, Nikolai’s House, Town Gate, Central Forest at Night & Graveyard Wraith Battle.

Part 5 – Graveyard Wraith Battle, South Eastern Forest, Eranas Peace & Storming Borgov Castle.

19 comments on “Quest for Glory IV 3D (GZDoom Hexen mod) Announcement

    • Which links? If you mean the demo download links on my site they should take you to a microsoft onedrive download page where if you wait a few seconds they’ll start on their own.


    • Had some other people test and it downloaded just fine. Hmm are you the guy who commented on youtube earlier today before I released the demos? If so maybe your browser is stuck in the old version of the downloads page and needs more than a regular refresh.. If so I can give you 4 different options to solve this problem haha.

      1 – On my downloads page hold shift and click on the browser refresh button.
      2 – Or on my downloads page right click on the page and there should be option to ‘reload frame’. That should surely get you the updated downloads page.
      3 – Or using another browser that hasn’t been to my site before should work.
      4 – If all else fails here’s the direct link to the demo file 🙂!Agrov_TMGxTthgb2jKsEubSRbamZ


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  7. hallo, i am a big fan of the qfg series.It reminds me of good ole times. Due to a bug i was not able to finish qfgiv as a wizard(for a second time)…and i am since waiting to play it ona 3d and why not in vr. You mention in both the blog and the site that you will proceed at some point in time . well the news date back to 2016…so now we are at 2018. can we expect it to arrive before 2020? plz?


    • Hi mate. Wish I could give you good news but as I’m sure you’ve noticed (since I’ve posted it in red all over the place) not long after releasing at the end of 2016 the ZDoom people brought out new versions that stopped my mod working. I tried and tried and tried to get things working again but had no luck. I asked for help in the ZDoom forums and a couple of people tried to help but in the end no one could figure out why my mod doesn’t work with the newer versions of ZDoom. That really sucked the life out of my motivation to work on the project again as what’s the point in working on it when people can’t even play it unless they download some ancient cr*ppy version of ZDoom. Been a year and half & I’m still upset and pissed off about it! 😦

      I will continue to ask for help on the ZDoom forums and hopefully some day someone will be able to help me get it working again. When that happens I can start thinking about working in the project again.


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