SEGA Master System Visual Compendium Book

I recently posted about the awesome guys at Bitmap books making a hard copy book of the awesome History of Computer RPGs pdf. Well I’ve got to post about this too even if I am rather late on it!

After Bitmap books successful C64, Amiga, NES, SNES, Art of Point & Click Adventure and other releases they’ve thankfully and naturally now turned their attention to SEGA. Being a SEGA kid this was the moment I’d been waiting for! This year they did a kickstarter for a SEGA Master System Visual Compendium book and it was quite successful! I managed to back it just in time but if you missed out then don’t worry they’ll put more up on the bitmap books website in 2019. I missed all the Nintendo kickstarters yet I was able to get the books from their website. What’s arrived so far has blown me away. I love the 3D lenticular slipcase covers! (eg turn the book and Mario will jump & coins will spin). Fingers crossed they do a Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) book soon too as that’s my real retro console love!

Original SMS Kickstarter:

Bitmap Books Website:

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