Skyrim and Star Wars news

Elder Scrolls Skyrim was in the news quite a bit recently with the whole ‘allow modders to make money via steam’ thing activated and then deactivated due to the sh*tstorm that followed lol. I’m not going to rant away about it like others have but keeping mods free is for the best imo!

Unreal has been at it again with some amazing new Skyrim super modded videos that will just blow you away!

This is old news now and I don’t think I’ve spoken of Star Wars before on my site/blog but there’s so much going on I gotta post something. The first 2 trailers for the up and coming Star Wars Episode VII are just mind blowing. But we of course know from the Star Trek reboots that JJ Abrams knows how to make bloody good trailers lol.

Here’s the most recent trailer featuring a few of our old friends. 🙂

And if you’ve been living under a rock here’s the first teaser too..

But if a new Star Wars trilogy wasn’t enough to get excited about we’ve also got these Star Wars Anthology spin off films too!!

The first is set right before the original star wars film!! its about the spies who stole the death star plans that lead to the events of the original film!
Star Wars Anthology I: Rogue One Preview

The second will be a Boba Fett Origin story!
Star Wars Anthology II Preview

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