New Disciples Game in 2021! Liberation!

OMG! We’ve got another Disciples game on the way!!! I’m absolutely stunned as I thought this series was dead for sure!
I’ve always had a special love for the Disciples games as while their gameplay was similar to Heroes of Might & Magic they always had this gorgeous dark Gothic art style. The music was beautiful, the HoMM like maps fun to explore, and your units had to be really taken care of instead of being used as cannon fodder. Like most fans Disciples 2 (pictured left & right) is my favourite in the series!

Anyway this new fourth game in the series looks interesting! The trailer (which I’ll put at the bottom) is very fancy looking and the pictures below look like decent 3D, but I can’t see any interface or if there’s the cool Gothic artwork fans have come to love and expect. I’m also wondering if they’re dialing back the HoMM TBS strategy game (eg capture castles & resources) side of it and pushing more of a King’s Bounty RPG feel. Hard to tell in this early stage but I’ll certainly be keeping an eye on it!

EDIT: New gameplay trailer is out! I’ll stick it below the pictures!

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