DUNE: The Insanely Complete 3-Hour Fan Cut

Woah! How did I not know about this!! While this piece of news is not directly related to my big new Dune Games section tributing all known Dune related games and mods I have to post about this incredible discovery!! A Superfan has painstakingly cut together his own 3hr cut of the original Dune film. I love Dune but the theatrical cut is too short and weird and confusing, while the extended cut makes much more sense but is poor visual quality and filled with cheap repetitive cuts of the same ships.

This fan claims to have fixed that! Well I’ve only watched about 15mins of it so far but I can already see the differences! He’s inserted even more deleted scenes and cut out some of those awful extended version repeat shots (eg their constant use of a harkonen ship for ever other factions flying scenes lol). He’s used the recent high quality dvd re-release of the extended version (instead of the god awful vhs copied to dvd release we’ve had for years) so the quality is pretty darn good!

Go check it out!

DUNE: The Insanely Complete 3-Hour Fan Cut – SF Signal Article

EDIT: Grrr Vimeo has taken his video down for breach of copyright. The author is currently working on finding a new home, as well as an even better quality cut. This is his facebook page if you want to keep an eye on his progress.

EDIT 2: Sadly a bunch of annoying people seem to be targeting this excellent fan cut just because they prefer some other cut that’s closer to the books instead of David Lynch’s vision. Why can’t both exist? I do not understand why some people want to cause so much trouble for the author of this as he should be praised for his hard work. Despite all the problems the author has managed to get a torrent working here:
DUNE: The Insanely Complete 3-Hour Fan Cut Torrent


2 comments on “DUNE: The Insanely Complete 3-Hour Fan Cut

  1. Thanks for this download link for the torrent!
    I looked for it everywhere on the internet! You are a life saver!
    Also, I completely agree with you. I don’t see why many versions can’t exist peacefully.
    As a Dune fan, I can’t get enough so the more the better 🙂

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