More 80s Retro Future Synth Music Greatness

A few months back I posted about how I’ve really become addicted to retro 1980s Futuristic Synth style music over the last year in all its many formats such as SynthWave, FutureSynth, Retro Electro, DarkSynth, ViolentSynth, HardcoreSynth, RetroWave, Outrun, and ChillWave. I posted a few playlists. As a with all playlists and albums there’s usuaually a few great songs and a few meh songs haha so I thought I’d do a new posts with some of my favourite single tracks. When I’m playing an old game with no music or I’m at work trying to meet a deadline these tracks really get me going! Like with the playlists these songs are often accompanied by cool images and animations of eerie blue and purple landscapes containing retro futuristic cars and cities. Lot it!

Here’s some of my favourite tracks… (which I’ve also put into a Youtube playlist HERE )

Carpenter Brut – TURBO KILLER

Wice – Star Fighter (Official Video)

S U N G – Way Fahrer [2017 Version]

DataDrive – Hellrider

LazerHawk – King of The Streets

DONBOR – Against The Law

Droid Bishop – Into The Darkness

Turbo Knight – Dawn

Bestrack – Stamina

Isidor – Solaris Rising

DANCE WITH THE DEAD – Dressed to Kill

Compilerbau – Fragments Of Bach I

Magic Sword – Sword Of Truth

Visitor – Coming Home (FM Attack Remix)

The Midnight – Vampires (official video)

Daniel Deluxe – Breakout

Waveshaper – End Of Space (Official Video)

Miami Nights 1984 – Accelerated

TOKYO ROSE – Armageddon (Official Video)

Power Glove – Vengeance

Dreams West – Tribes

DANCE WITH THE DEAD – Eyes of Madness

Fazzio – Midnight Rider

Isidor – Soldier Of Fortune

Speed Machine – Confrontation

RETRÖXX – ELYSIUM [Official Music Video]

Isidor – Children of Cyberpunk

Raydar – Night of the Dead

DJ Ten – The Inner Voice (feat. Trevor Something)

Juno Dreams – Be With Me

Daniel Deluxe – Almaz [Official Video]

OGRE – The Bench

Sandman – Destiny Unknown

DEADLIFE – Override (Visualizer)

d.notive – Streets of Passion

Miami Beach Force – Hard To Catch

Yota – The Vibe

Daniel Deluxe – Star Eater

Turbo Knight – Rasengan

DEADLIFE – Carbon Cult

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