All Photobucket image links failing at Blake’s Sanctum

Hey guys,

More lousy news concerning my website Blake’s Sanctum. I’ve previously reported how I accidentally broke all my Onedrive picture & download links on my website. Well I’ve since fixed all of them however Onedrive only hosted a fraction of my websites images and the hundreds of others were hosted on Photobucket.

The problem with this is that Photobucket have slowly been sliding into decline over the last 6 or 7 years with super slow loading times and unstable pages. Then they threw their ‘free hosting with advertising’ strategy in the trash and switched to a ‘force all free members to switch to a expensive paid model’ strategy and wondered why everyone left lol. As a result all old image hosting accounts including mine were disabled meaning nearly all images on Blake’s Sanctum went down. Even the poor people who elected to pay for a membership still had all their external links broken while fees went up and up. Check out their wikipedia page if you want to see just how much of a sh*tshow it’s all been. Now their address has changed (probably due to all the bad press lol) and I suspect it’s only a matter of time before they disappear for good. What a sad ending to a once great site that so many people used.

Anyway this was a HUGE blow to Blake’s Sanctum as I probably have several thousand images across the site hosted at Photobucket. Fortunately I’ve always kept my thumbnails hosted with the website files so from an outward appearance Blake’s Sanctum looks fine, it’s just went you click on those thumbnail pictures that the problems reveal themselves.

Knowing what was coming I setup an Imgur account a while back and have moved some things there (this Blog is already using them so is unaffected thankfully) but it’s going to be an EPIC job to manually one by one replace all the image links across my main website. A huuuuge job I just don’t have the time or motivation to do until I’ve finished my ongoing never ending Civilization modding, video series & website work that’s at the 3 year mark and counting lol. I WILL fix all this, I just can’t promise when, so I’m really sorry about this guys, I know it sucks. A kind fellow sent me a donation yesterday (thankyou!!!) and pointed out all the broken images on my Quest for Glory IV 3D project page so I’ve gone in and fixed all of them as well as my other mods at least! Should anyone else wish to ask, threaten, beg, or bribe me (lol) to fix their favourite section I’ll do my best to drop everything and get it done as I don’t wanna let any of my website’s long time fans down. But I will get to it all eventually, I promise lol!

PS Btw speaking of hosting websites screwing themselves, slowly dying and disappearing. My old host has finally bitten the bullet and disappeared for good late last year. Good thing I read the writing on the wall and got out of there moving to x10 hosting back in 2017 otherwise Blake’s Sanctum would be in even bigger trouble right now lol!

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