Heroes of Might & Magic 3 Civilization 3 Mod

A few weeks ago I posted about the amazing discovery of a awesome Heroes of Might & Magic 3 style total conversion mod for Civilization 3 called Conquests of Might & Magic 3 – Civilization 3 Mod. I was a so blown away I knew I just had to test it out in prep for a big game in the near future!

I’ve only had a quick look and played a few turns so far but this mod (at least initially) appears as nothing short of a friggin masterpiece! I’ve never seen Civ3 altered so much in my life. Almost every part of the game is changed. New intro ripped from Heroes of Might & Magic 3, new menu image & music from HoMM3 (although I got a black screen at first but clicking seem to stop it), entirely new world/terrain graphics from HoMM3, your palace upgrade screen is now the HoMM3 city screen slowly getting built (different ones for each race if you switch the files), the city sky view screen is now a map of Erathia, all GUI & menus have been given a HoMM3 look (thank goodness as I never liked Civ3’s GUI), all cities/units/techs have been changed to HoMM equivalents, and the Civ3 soundtrack is replaced with HoMM3s. It really feels like HoMM3 but with the freedom and sandbox goodness of Civilization. Also once you go above the original race count you get ‘castle 2’ ‘inferno 2’ etc meaning you can go up to Civ3’s max player count of 31, just imagine playing an epic 31 player HoMM3 style Civ game on a huge map!! :O

I’m gonna play the hell out of this in the near future and will prob do a video for you guys too! 🙂

Project Link:

UPDATE: Now there’s a HoMM2 Civ2 mod I’ve posted about HERE!

My test run screens:

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