BACKDATED NEWS – 25/06/2012

HUGE SITE UPDATE FINISHED! As well as the changes mentioned on 15/5 I’ve also implemented browser window/tab icons in all sections & some rotating screenshot banners in Star Trek Doom 2 Mod, Star Wars Civ 2 Mod & Lord Of The Rings Pics sections. Have also catagorised my news items with the new icons.

Added many new games to my Babylon 5 Fan Games, Heroes of Might & Magic similar games, & Quest For Glory fan games lists (thank you to all who contacted me about them!)

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Massive site update! (BACKDATED NEWS – 29/09/2001 to 13/06/2010)

BACKDATED NEWS!! – 13/06/2010

Massive site update!! Old sections (Main, About, Star Trek Doom 2 Mod, Star Wars Civ 2 Mod, Lord Of The Rings Pics & Star Trek Pics pages) all updated, images upscaled, plus new downloads & music available. New Quest For Glory Series section (1 & 4.5 added so far), & preliminary Elder Scrolls Series section added.

BACKDATED NEWS!! – 26/10/2009

Moved hosts from Geocities to Webring

BACKDATED NEWS!! – 29/09/2001

Site Launched!