Blade Runner Short Films

Like many I was pretty nervous about how the Blade Runner 2049 sequel film would be handled and was relived to see just how friggin good Denis Villeneuve’s film ended up being (I can’t wait to see how he handles the Dune remake!). Some criticized its slow pacing and lack of action (apparently forgetting that the original film wasn’t non-stop action either lol) but most were blown away by its cinematography/visual style and story that really adds to the universe setup in the original 1982 masterpiece by Ridley Scott.

I recently watched the awesome ‘Final Cut’ of the original Blade Runner which was amazing as Ridley & his team redid and fixed some of the films original production gaffes (eg the stunt woman’s face crashing through glass and the shed roof as the doves fly off) while remastering and cleaning up everything else (although I kind of miss the voiceovers even if that wasn’t Ridley’s vision). I then went straight into Blade Runner 2049 to see how it would hold up watching right after the original (& how it would hold up as a repeat watch being I’d already seen it before in the Cinema).. and yeah.. it didn’t disappoint, I was blown away again!

I then discovered the 3 short films set in-between the 2 major films. I was shocked as somehow I’d missed them completely and had never heard of them so presumably many others never have either. They are brilliant as they clearly share the same quality, look and direction of Blade Runner 2049 and they do indeed bridge the gap nicely. There are 2 live action films directed by Ridley Scott’s son Luke that star actors from the sequel such as Jared Leto (Niander Wallace) and Dave Bautista (Sapper Morton) and setup the story and their characters nicely as well as an animated manga style film that shows the events of the ‘great blackout’ and the purging of the Tyrell Corporations replicant databases that even has Edward James Olmos return to voice his character Detective Gaff from the original film. Thankfully these films are freely available from Warner Brothers youtube so here are all 3 below for you to enjoy too! 🙂

2036: Nexus Dawn

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Star Trek Starfleet Academy The Movie

Despite being a big classic Star Trek gamer (hence why I have a massive Star Trek Gaming Website section at Blake’s Sanctum) I never did get around to playing Interplay’s Starfleet Academy and Klingon Academy games other than maybe a quick try of a demo or 2. The gameplay never blew me away however what I did regret missing was all the FMV cutscenes with original cast members including William Shatner (Kirk), Walter Koenig (Chekov), and George Takei (Sulu) along with Star Trek 6’s excellent Klingons Christopher Plummer (General Chang) and David Warner (Chancellor Gorkon).

Well thankfully a youtuber has gathered all the FMV cutscenes and arranged/cut a movie out of them that has over 2 million views now! It’s quite funny looking in the comments and seeing all these confused people saying “I didn’t know about this movie, how is this possible??” failing to realise its from video games haha!

Seeing this makes me want to check about all the FMV footage from the Star Trek Borg and Star Trek Klingon games too!

Caster of Magic (Master of Magic Mod) is now on Steam & GoG!

Well this is big news! Seravy has done a deal with Slitherine (the new MoM license holder working on a new MoM game) and Caster of Magic is now a buyable ‘officially approved’ Master of Magic addon on Steam & GoG! Naturally Seravy has promised to continue doing more amazing improvements to the mod now that he’s receiving financial reward for his hard work. Caster of Magic is already amazing enough as it changes & improves MoM so much but my god if he ever finds a way to exceed the 4 enemy player limit I’ll have his baby lol!

Announcement thread:

The only downside is all previous copies of CoM have been wiped! Don’t think I’ve grabbed a copy since 5.6, which must have been a while back as he’s now up to 6.0 lol!

EDIT: Sure enough here they are! They’ve gone live!

I just realised.. Master of Magic wasn’t even on steam until now.. they’re doing a joint release of both MoM & CoM on steam! Wow!

Master of Magic 2 Sequel Wishlist For Slitherine

Hey guys,

Time for another Master of Magic post! Now that it appears we’ve got an official Master of Magic sequel or Remake on way (courtesy of Slitherine who’ve bought the rights from Atari’s IP dungeon and made the announcement on their site) I’ve been thinking about how after all these years many of the old MoM communities have vanished and a lot of good fan ‘Wish lists’ have been long lost.

They’re probably still in the early days of development so now is the time to get fan feature requests and wish list items in front of their faces. If the remaining fan base doesn’t speak up now then god knows what sort of game we’ll end up with. So now is the time to act!

I’ve made wishlist request threads in the various pockets of MoM fan forums plus the Master of Magic Facebook Group and figured I’d better post about it here too! I’ve been copying all responses (minus the arguments, moaning & slitherine bashing lol) into a wishlish thread over at the Slitherine forums. If you have a wish list then please post here or over at Slitherine.

I of course also gave them a copy of my own personal wish list below:
• BIG ONE – More than 4 enemy players. Implode’s MoM HD Multiplayer Remake allowed EVERY wizard in one game for super 14 player games which would have bee EPIC and so much fun had he finished the project.
• Larger maps (Insectiside fan patch added huge map size to the original)
• Limited Spying (most fantasy rpgs have thieves/rogues so it fits and stealing spells would be fun)
• Time limit and bigger cost on time stop spell (if you’re planning on having that annoying spell again)
• Demand or give cities in Diplomacy (most 4x games have this now and I like using it to play god/peacekeep and save bullied Civs and minor factions from deaths door)
• Expand Grey Neutral Faction into lots of minor factions with identities and race affiliations (eg a minor Elven race with a minor elf wizard that likes Elven main civs and makes trouble for others.. this is another thing done in modern 4x fantasy and space games)
• More worlds and/or an underground world (although this has already been done before in AoW, HoMM & Warlock series)
• More ocean content eg HoMM series filled oceans with shipwreck lairs and treasures (even Morrowind had underwater caves filled with creatures and treasure so this is not new to fantasy games). You could even have a Merfolk faction with cities in the ocean. The fun Fantasy and Midgard scenarios for Civilization 2 Test of Time had a good underwater Merfolk faction with lots of sea based units/creatures.
• Not essential but some cool weather effects would be a fun immersion factor (especially as you can tie spells into them for gameplay events such as huge storms and earthquakes etc). The Official Playstation remake of Master of Magic has clouds rolling over and some cool weather effects from spells. The new Civ6 addon Gathering Storm is another good example of world changing weather effects.
• Talk to Seravy, he’s da man on all things MoM and the creator of the super popular MoM overhaul mod Caster of Magic )

Civilization 2: Heroes of Might & Magic 2 mod – Dev Diaries 1-3

Regular visitors to my blog may have seen on my What Is Blake Playing Right NOW? page that I’ve been quite busy with Cilization 2 modding as part of the HUGE new WIP Civilization section and youtube series I’ve been working on for ages.

The biggest project of them all is a Heroes of Might & Magic 2 total conversion mod and scenario for the great classic game Sid Meier’s Civilization II MGE created by Metropolis and me! Inspired by Tom2050’s amazing HoMM3 mod for Civ3 we hope to create the most HoMM2 like experience within the limitations of the old Civ2 engine.

We’ve created a ModDB page for the project with fun dev diaries covering stages of development. Figured I’d post each of them here too! Here’s the first three! 🙂

EDIT: Dev diaries 4-6 now posted HERE

First dev diary of a Civ2 HoMM2 scenario I’m working with someone on that’s 20 years too late but we’re doing it anyway lol!

Dev Diary 01 – Creating Cities For The Civilization 2 Heroes Of Might & Magic 2 Mod:…ing-cities

Second dev diary is up! This time we look at ‘HoMMafying’ all those Civ 2 advisor, city and event screens.

Dev Diary 02 – Creating Beautiful Backgrounds For The Civ2 Heroes Of Might & Magic 2 Mod:…ackgrounds

Third dev diary is up! This time we look at changing Civ2’s leader portraits used for diplomacy with HoMM2 heroes and make a bold attempt at replacing Civ2’s original wonder videos

Dev Diary 03 – Creating Custom Leaders & Wonder Vids For The Civ2 Heroes Of Might & Magic 2 Mod:…rs-wonders

SEGA MegaZone Preservation Archive NEEDS YOUR HELP!

Hi guys,

I need your help with something…

Video Version Of This:
(Note: First 10mins covers everything, the remaining 20mins is a bonus ‘just for fun’ tour of my physical MegaZone collection)

MegaZone started out in the late 1980s as an Australian general gaming and electronics magazine called MegaComp (interestingly NLA claims issue 1 was MegaCom with no P? While this Amiga mag claims the opposite switch happened) and from issue 5 onwards became known as MegaZone magazine covering PC & Amiga (with a particular focus on point & click adventures), Atari, Nintendo and a lots of SEGA stuff. In these arguably best years of the magazine it was run by SEGA Ozisoft as they were the primary distributor of a lot of non-SEGA software as well. In late 1993 SEGA sold the magazine to Mason Stewart Publishing who changed the magazine to SEGA MegaZone and had continued success despite only covering SEGA related content. Sadly in the summer of 1995/1996 MegaZone came to a final end likely due to the declining popularity of SEGA (low sales of the 32X and Saturn) against Nintendo & Sony and the increasing backlash over the magazines rather controversial and excessive uses of violence and sexual content (in the Mason era). Presumably things did not end amicably as the final magazine was filled with raunchy content and even famously said “we’re off to buy a Playstation” haha!

The Problem:
Being an Australian magazine (presumably with no international distribution) this great old magazine and piece of video game history from the early to mid 90s, arguably the greatest era in retro gaming due to the 16bit console wars and the rise of mainstream PC gaming (Point & click adventures, 1st person shooters, and RTS+TBS strategy games) has sadly disappeared into near obscurity with only a small internet presence and a few mangy old mags occasionally appearing on ebay. There is currently NO COMPLETE DIGITAL RECORD OF THIS MAGAZINE IN EXISTENCE. I want to try and change that…

Over the last few years I’ve been collecting physical copies of old MegaZones. Because of this I have become very interested in preserving scanned digital copies of the magazines online so I’ve also been trying to help out some of the wiki websites working to do the same and have recently started a new backup collection for all to enjoy at . Internet Archive have become the ultimate preservation website for internet sites, books, magazines, videos and many other things, even video games! They have a really good online magazine reader built in as well so they make preserving this content so easy and almost fun!

MegaZone Archive Sites:…MegaZone… (The new archive I’ve setup) (Covers only) (Members only) (Amiga related content only)

At this stage 42 of the 56 issues have been found and scanned by various collectors and myself leaving 14 issues still missing, all from the magazines earliest years. Many of the magazines found are missing their posters and some occasionally had supplement mini books that may be missing too. We’re also trying to digitize any MegaZone TV commercials out there on old VHS video cassettes as we have rescued 2 but know there are more (I remember seeing more as a kid).

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Awesome New Intellivision Indie / Home Brew Games In 2019

I miss my old Intellivision. I was originally sent this late 1970s console in the late 1980s by my absent father. By that time most people were rocking Commodore 64s, Nintendos and Sega Master Systems so the Intellivision was already looking pretty darn dated but we had no money so it was going to be a while before I could get one of those consoles so I fully embraced the gift I was given. The Intellivision came with the voice addon and a HUGE box of games. There must have easily been 50 of them! Favourites definitely included B-17 Bomber, Tron Deadly Discs, Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, White Water, Dracula, River Run, Skiing, Baseball, and Truckin. I always tried to figure out Utopia but my copy was missing the manual which is such a shame as it could have been my first strategy game experience. There were so many others in the collection I’ve forgotten or I just couldn’t figure out due to missing manuals like Sub Hunt and Ice Trek etc..

In the decades since I’ve seen there were some pretty awesome games sadly not in the collection I was given such as the awesome looking Tower of Doom RPG, Thunder Castle, Swords and Serpents, Pole Position, River Raid, Dreadnought Factor, Chip Shot Super Pro Golf (gorgeous graphics), Auto Racing, the Dungeons & Dragons sequels, and who know how many more I missed lol.

Recently the Intellivision company (still alive & well) dug out one of their old archived commercials. Watching it is like opening a time capsule!

The company has been very active lately since as most people know now there’s a new Intellivision console on the way now called the Amico which will contain many of the popular classic Intellivision games, along with modern remakes of some of them and hopefully some of the amazing indie games out there. As like with many retro gaming consoles these days there a healthy indie homebrew Intellivision gaming scene creating some AMAZING games that looked WAY better than any of the original games due to absolutely pushing the console to its limits. Some are conversions of popular 80s games on other rival consoles like the Atari, C64, and even the Amiga which have to be seen to be believed. Here are some of the ones have have blown me away!

Defender Of The Crown Intellivision Port

Intellivania – A Castlevania Intellivision Port

Prince Of Persia Intellivision Port

Untitled Final Fantasy & Dragon Quest style JRPG

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More Star Trek Doom and Quest For Glory IV 3D Hexen reviews!

Red alert! Clearly it was a good idea to create those ModDB pages as another youtube reviewer playing my Star Trek Doom Mod for his Patreon page has been detected. This one is really good! His presentation and editing is excellent, his delivery/comments are funny and his criticisms are fair. There’s also hundreds of comments (some not so nice lol) that are a fascinating read.

Both Star Trek Doom Mod and my Quest for Glory IV 3D Hexen mods have been tributed at DSOGaming which is cool.

QFG4-3D has also been tributed at a Norwegian gaming site too!

And finally someone also appears to have put up a Star Trek Doom download and Quest For Glory IV 3D Hexen download on the Gamepressure website too which is nice!

Dominus Galaxia – A Love Letter To Master Of Orion 1

I spent endless hours playing Master of Orion 1 in the 90s so this sounds good! Free early release you can play right now.. love letter to MOO1.. infinite techs.. dynamic AI.. wormhole/starlane game or not.. super customizable UI & gameplay. Good stuff!

This guy has a done a nice gameplay vid of the early release:

Here’s some screenshots:

Alex Kidd in Miracle World Sequel 2 & 3

I really want to create a Alex Kidd series tribute page (along with a Wonder Boy series page too!) at Blake’s Sanctum one day as they were the first games I owned on my Sega Master system in the early 1990s so I have a huge soft spot for them.

As a result over the last few years I’ve become particularly interested in new homebrew games for classic consoles and ones that relates to these great old series. This includes where people do complicated rom hacks to completely convert an original game into something different.

For example a few years back someone created a true sequel to Alex Kidd in Miracle World (as many didn’t like the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive sequel that was hard to play & ignored story elements of the original). This fan sequel rom hack was so popular that physical copies with manuals and posters started appearing around the net and I couldn’t resist collecting one. Playing it on a real master system is an absolute joy!

Well now I’m so excited as fans have once again created another sequel!! Alex Kidd in Miracle World 3 will be released very soon and looks absolutely amazing. Some of those level backgrounds really push the limits of the master system and the music sounds awesome! They’ve also pushed more even colours and details into Alex Kidd himself and the creatures around him.